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  1. you still have these? Whirr/Nothing - Split - Baby Blue /1000 $8 Whirr - Pipe Dreams - Black first press $10
  2. No, it will become available tomorrow at 10am.
  3. I farmed for about an hour and a half yesterday. I got a key on the first chest and have 2 total. I also got a legendary engram. I think people are guessing the drop rate is around 5%. If you guys want to farm in a big group you can load up VoG and split up 3 and 3 from there. It'll be easier to down the boss too.
  4. yup, I got fatebringer my first hard run months ago but barely got VM 5 days ago.
  5. I just got a Chemex but am waiting for my grinder before to come in before I get some beans. Do you guys buy your beans local or online?
  6. Ran sword this morning and downed hm crota. Only second time I've ever ran sword. Got abyss defiant, word of crota and MIDA.
  7. Nice! I used AE, praedth's revenge and truth. wasn't that bad. Thorn wrecks in the crucible.
  8. I will probably be up at that time on Saturday and I am still trying for the mythoclast so i'm in.
  9. Sorry I couldn't join up with you. My son was getting in his mickey mouse fix for the day. Usually if I'm not already playing destiny it is my wife or son using the PS4.
  10. completed the raid and got all shards and energy...
  11. If you guys have room for VoG i'd like to join. Doing Crota with another group at 5pm pst but if it works out just shoot me an invite.
  12. I was able to get on for about an hour during the lad 2 days. Soloed the lamps and the bridge and got boots and gloves.
  13. Congrats! I did the Vault to help a new clan mate who hadn't completed it before and got the chest piece which was the only thing I could use. Now I just need to level up my stuff and I'll be 31.
  14. got a purple engram from the first eris mission and it decoded to the last word! Also got fatebringer on and corrective measure on my last VoG run. Just need the mythoclast now.