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  1. Shit wish I saw this... Just purchased for $75 on Discogs.... Shipping was horrible too
  2. I'd love to know the price. Interested if they fall through.
  3. As the title says. Looking for a copy of Jhene Aiko's Trip Cheers
  4. I was searching for Anhedonia forever but was able to aquire. The previous seller also hooked me up with Only every time aswell. Good luck on your sale man.
  5. www.blueswanrecords.bigcartel.com SIANVAR EP 10" VINYL $20.00 /250. Limited green/orange/brown splatter vinyl, 10". SIANVAR "STAY LOST" VINYL $25.00 /250. Limited red/yellow splatter vinyl, 12"
  6. Recived my copy this week 248/500. Located in Canada
  7. Would love the Underoath + Moneen Bundled but dont think i can get over the damage to UO