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  1. www.blueswanrecords.bigcartel.com SIANVAR EP 10" VINYL $20.00 /250. Limited green/orange/brown splatter vinyl, 10". SIANVAR "STAY LOST" VINYL $25.00 /250. Limited red/yellow splatter vinyl, 12"
  2. Recived my copy this week 248/500. Located in Canada
  3. Would love the Underoath + Moneen Bundled but dont think i can get over the damage to UO
  4. Just looking to see if anyone has a copy they are willing to sell.
  5. Any leads would be amazing. Missed out on a recent Ebay listing by a few days and I'm super bummed about it. Hopfully someone can make this happen.
  6. Sorry dont have an iPod but let me know if your selling items off your Discogs cause I've got $$$ that will help you purchase your iPod
  7. Sianvar - Stay Lost what you thinking of selling this for??
  8. How much would you sell it for? That way you can purchase some items off your Wantlist
  9. Pretty much the price you have to pay to get anything up here. I've done it many times... hard bullet to bite