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  1. Terminator_Ham

    Lydia - Illuminate

    Recived my copy this week 248/500. Located in Canada
  2. Terminator_Ham


    Would love the Underoath + Moneen Bundled but dont think i can get over the damage to UO
  3. Terminator_Ham

    FS: Underoath - Lost in the Sound of Separation Sawblade

    what price you looking for here mate
  4. Just looking to see if anyone has a copy they are willing to sell.
  5. Terminator_Ham

    WTB- THE GRADUATE - Anhedonia

    Any leads would be amazing. Missed out on a recent Ebay listing by a few days and I'm super bummed about it. Hopfully someone can make this happen.
  6. Terminator_Ham

    WTB ipod Touch 32gb or higher

    Sorry dont have an iPod but let me know if your selling items off your Discogs cause I've got $$$ that will help you purchase your iPod
  7. Terminator_Ham

    FS: Circa Survive, Thrice, Anthony Green, Sianvar

    Sianvar - Stay Lost what you thinking of selling this for??
  8. How much would you sell it for? That way you can purchase some items off your Wantlist
  9. Terminator_Ham

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    Pretty much the price you have to pay to get anything up here. I've done it many times... hard bullet to bite
  10. Terminator_Ham

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    My White was Clear when it Arrived
  11. Terminator_Ham

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    Agreed... still waiting on mine to arrive.. I'll comment when it's at my door
  12. Terminator_Ham

    The Weezer Thread

    looking at this for sure... Comment if you see it go back up for sale
  13. Terminator_Ham

    Beyoncé - Lemonade

    fingers crossed