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  1. FANGE "Punir" full album stream now up on Bandcamp & all other digital platforms - http://bit.ly/fange LP / CD out March 1st on Throatruiner, pre-orders up now at : https://deathwishinc.eu/fange (Europe / world) https://deathwishinc.com/collections/throatruiner (North America) The LP comes on limited "half solar eclipse" (with exclusive poster) or "Suze" vinyl. T-shirts, long sleeves as well as the band's very first zipped hoodies & enamel pins are also available. Recorded and mixed by Cyrille Gachet, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, artwork by Anterograde.
  2. IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT's upcoming 2xLP/CD "Vile Luxury" will be out July 13th on 2xLP and CD, and you can pre-order it right now from us or via Gilead Media in North America. Comes in four different vinyl variations - limited "Cloister" (Throatruiner Exclusive), "Grand Central" (Gilead Media exclusive), "Astor" or "Empire Black" vinyl with pantone-printed gatefold jacket. A digital download will be sent closer to the release date. Order it now at http://deathwishinc.eu/throatruiner New York's nebulous, avant-garde metal outfit Imperial Triumphant redefine sonic darkness on their ambitious new album, "Vile Luxury". A turbulent, frenetic take on experimental noise and progressive black metal, Imperial Triumphant embody the most austere side of the New York underground. Chaos, menagerie, and the perils of the city clash with its reputation for majesty and extravagance. The band aim to portray the juxtaposition between high society and urban decay. "Our city is like the corpse of a giant." The band explains. "What was once so bright, grand and spectacular, is now filled with greedy maggots writhing towards their share of 'success'. We don't support it nor are we against. We only play the sounds of the New York City as we hear them." "Vile Luxury" combines the various musical elements that follow well within the tradition of music in New York, a monolith of the Western world, of constant experimentation and appropriation of all things that enter it, never leaving the same as it came.
  3. Comes on limited snow white or black vinyl. The LP is housed in a heavy jacket with matte lamination & full-color discobag. A digital download will be sent closer to the release date. Order it here or via Deathwish Inc in North America. Co-release with Apocaplexy Records (DE). Out April 13th. http://fb.com/deathengine.net http://instagram.com/deathengine http://deathengine.net
  4. For their second LP "Only Love", Detroit punk/hardcore/experimental collective THE ARMED returned to GodCity Studio to work with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou as executive producer. Continuing their signature process of collaborating with different drummers on each release, this time THE ARMED recruited Ben Koller (Converge, Killer Be Killed, Mutoid Man, All Pigs Must Die). The partnership led to an entirely new creative approach for the record, one that allowed them to achieve their most wildly innovative work to date. The goal for "Only Love" was to reach an overwhelming level of intensity without referencing the typical tent poles of the genres they're associated with. By imagining they had never heard punk, metal or hardcore and limiting references to pop and the music of their youth, THE ARMED were able to arrive at an incredibly intense, but wildly unique reinterpretation of aggressive music. Three years removed from their debut LP, "Untitled" — an album that gained recognition from the likes of Fader, NPR, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Noisey, AV Club and many more — "Only Love" proves to be a nonlinear progression within the collective's catalog, and they continue to demonstrate that we will never know what to expect from them. "Only Love" is available on limited gold or classic black vinyl. Comes in a matte finish jacket with gold foil embellishment, a full color inner-sleeve and a 24-page full-color newspaper. And a carved wooden box if you act fast. Pre-order it from us at http://deathwishinc.eu/throatruiner or from No Rest Until Ruin ( http://shop.norestuntilruin.com ) in North America. https://www.facebook.com/thearmed/ https://www.instagram.com/thearmedixi/
  5. No teasers, no track premieres : discover NECRODANCER’s debut release "Void" by streaming it in full and downloading it for free. If you want to support us, we are taking pre-orders for both vinyl (ultraclear or black) and CD editions (as well as merch), and you can get a high-quality digital download via Bandcamp. All links are available here. This is a co-release with our friends at Lost Pilgrims Records, and US customers can order the record from Deathwish Inc. The record will be out Feb. 10th.
  6. We have re-released BIRDS IN ROW's "Collected" on vinyl, and for the very first time on CD. Order it now here or from Deathwish Inc for North America. The LP comes on limited ultraclear/silver A side/B side or black vinyl and is housed in a spot UV varnish jacket. The CD comes in a 6 panels digipack. "Collected" contains all the band's pre-"You, Me And The Violence" material : 2010's EP "Rise Of The Phoenix", 2011's EP "Cottbus" as well as "Phoenix", the very first song written by the band. Stream it here : https://throatruinerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/collected
  7. PYRRHON “What Passes For Survival” is out now! Stream it in full atDecibel Magazine : http://bit.ly/pyrrhonDB
  8. New NESSERIA track and pre-orders for "Cette Érosion De Nous-Mêmes" are now live at http://bit.ly/nesseria2017 "Cette Érosion De Nous-Mêmes" will be out October 6th via Throatruiner/Itawak (LP) and Deadlight Entertainment (CD). The record comes on limited gold/ultraclear color in color or black vinyl. "Orleans' NESSERIA have been one of France's most consistent power since their inception in 2003, perfecting their massive, grinding metallic hardcore over two full-lengths and several splits. For their third album the band went back to the same collaborators - "Cette Érosion De Nous-Mêmes" was recorded and mixed by Neb Xort at Drudenhaus Studio (Aluk Todolo, Anorexia Nervosa, etc…), mastered by Nick Zampiello (Converge, Gaza, Cave In…) and illustrated by Alex Eckman-Lawn (Maruta, Krieg, Hacride…) - but marks a departure from their previous body of work. While their trademark steamrolling style is still there with grindcore and black metal-influenced tracks ("Forteresse", "Dans L'Ombre Et Sans Visage"), tracks such as "Les Ruines" or "À L'Usure" bring something new to the table, as "Cette Érosion De Nous-Mêmes" is the closest representation of the band's wide scope of influences (screamo, folk, shoegaze…). NESSERIA's sound brilliantly evolves by putting an emphasis on their more emotional, atmospheric side, without ever giving an inch on their abrasive tendencies."
  9. PYRRHON "What Passes For Survival" vinyl preorders are up at http://deathwishinc.eu/pyrrhon (Europe/world) and https://deathwishinc.com/products/pyrrhon-what-passes-for-survival (North Amercia). The record comes on limited yellow piss/olive or black vinyl with reverse-side printed jacket - artwork by Caroline Harrison. A digital download will be sent closer to the release date (August 11th). Stream the opening track "The Happy Victim's Creed" below : "Continuing to shapeshift and unravel, while using unorthodox songwriting techniques that border on the incomprehensible, avant-garde extreme metal quartet PYRRHON return with What Passes For Survival. Loosely written over the period of a year, and refined across 6 weeks of touring, What Passes For Survival is PYRRHON's first audio contribution with new drummer Steve Schwegler. It integrates elements of disorienting free improvisation while maintaining a proper foothold in volatile, ferocious death metal. All 4 members contributed at least one song on the album, which was recorded live at Thousand Caves studio with engineer Collin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice) in its rawest possible form, using no click tracks or sound replacement. Comments vocalist Doug Moore: "What Passes For Survival is the first music we wrote with my old friend Steve Schwegler on drums, which makes it the first recording of us with a fresh lineup since our first LP from back in 2011. It's something of a reset for the band that way, and we reverted to a more primal songwriting state while compiling it — we aimed to write the most physically and emotionally intense songs we could, instead of deliberately exploring new sounds. As a result, we ended up using a larger proportion of ideas from death metal relative to our other musical ingredients than we have in our past few releases. Pyrrhon's target sound has always been a sort of animalistic, spasmodic ripping and gnashing, like a dog shaking the life out of its prey, and I think we realized that vision more completely on this album than we ever have before." CREDITS — Recorded live, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves — Artwork by Caroline Harrison TRACKLIST 01. The Happy Victim's Creed 02. The Invisible Hand Holds A Whip 03. Goat Mockery Ritual 04. Tennessee 05. Trash Talk Landfill 06. The Unraveling: Hegemony Of Grasping Fears 07. The Unraveling: Free At Last 08. The Unraveling: Live From The Fresh Corpse 09. Empty Tenement Spirit
  10. Preorder FUTURE FACES' debut 12"EP "Revolt" at http://deathwishinc.eu/throatruiner and via Deathwish Inc. for North America : https://deathwishinc.com/collections/throatruiner. Swiss customers - this is a co-release with GPS Prod - http://gpsprod.bigcartel.com The 12" comes on limited half ultraclear/half black or black vinyl. All orders include instant digital download of the record. The record will be out May 26th. "On their debut EP "Revolt", Switzerland's FUTURE FACES delivers some glacial post-punk of the gloomiest order, with a level of mastery rarely heard on a band's first recording. Formed in 2015 in Geneva by members of Equus and Elizabeth, the three-piece aims for a timeless, personal sound, devoid of any soulless revivalism. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, Beastmilk, Okkultokrati…), these four tracks find the perfect balance between the clean and the noisy. With hypnotic drums, abyssal bass lines, elegant yet unpolished guitar work and reverb-drenched vocals, each track is a lesson in stand-out songwriting. "Revolt" is a slow descension into a lightless, enveloping sound, and the birth certificate of a band that is nothing but full of promises." CREDITS — Recorded & mixed by Vincent Hanggi at H E X HQ studios — Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege — Artwork by Jonathan Sirit TRACKLIST 01. Embraces 02. Columns 03. Structures 04. January
  11. Pre-orders for COMITY' upcoming 2xLP/CD "A Long, Eternal Fall" are now up at www.deathwishinc.eu/throatruiner (Europe) and http://translationlossrecords.bigcartel.com/ (North America). The record comes on limited royal blue/white A side/bside vinyl or black vinyl. The record will be out May 26th via Throatruiner Records and Translation Loss Records. Stream their new track "IV" via Metal Injection here. "Despite releasing forward-thinking records that have pushed the boundaries of noisy, technical hardcore, Parisian band COMITY has remained one of France's best kept secret since their formation 20 years ago. The band entered the studio during fall 2016 with producer Fred Rochette to track "A Long, Eternal Fall", their fourth album. These eight tracks are the band's most definitive musical statement to date, more extreme than the grinding madness of their early days and more massive than the aerial, post-metal leanings of their two previous release, showcasing their love for all things dissonant." CREDITS — Recorded live by Frederic Rochette at P.N.F. Studios — Mixed and mastered by Comity and Frederic Rochette — Music and artwork concept by Comity — Layout by Francis Passini — Drawings by Peggy Le Guern TRACKLIST 01. I 02. II 03. III 04. IV 05. V 06. VI 07. VII 08. VIII
  12. Pre-orders for DIREWOLVES' upcoming 12"EP/CD "The Great Year" are now up at www.deathwishinc.eu/categories/direwolves (Europe) and https://deathwishinc.com/collections/throatruiner/ (North America). The vinyl comes on limited blood red/bone mix or black vinyl. "Three years after their debut album "Aegri Somnia", Lorient, France's DIREWOLVES return with "The Great Year". This new six tracks EP focuses on the more energetic facet of their sound, refining the band's revigorating blend of melodic crust and screamo-influenced hardcore. Recorded & mixed by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studios (Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt Mort…), mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Studios (Coliseum, The Sword, Jawbox…) and with artwork once again designed by Førtifem, "The Great Year" is another implacable display of the band's abrasive yet anthemic vision of punk/hardcore." CREDITS — Recorded & mixed by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studios — Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Studios — Artwork by Førtifem TRACKLIST 01. Unpoisoned 02. Oaths & Duality 03. From Tomb To Womb 04. Ascent 05. Unhousel'd, Unanel'd 06. Paths To Metnal