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    Vinyl, coheed, records and fishing. love hanging with, the wolfpack ( Me and a couple friends), love my job and stuff. I was a member on here before. took a break and now am back baby.

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  1. Honestly, I am really really sorry for what I said to everyone here. after going back and reading it outloud it was pretty awful, I think I am going tonow sign off for a long time. Kind of embarrassed of myself and the things I said. I really want to be a better person. See you all later.
  2. What’s funny Derek, about all of this is that you keep harassing me and saying all this crap about me making fun of me and blah blah blahhhhhh. You’re nothing more than a whiny bitch who is even lower then me. You actually take the time to stoop to my level, you are no better then me you momma’s panty eating, jhulud cheerleader cum guzzler ass eating fist ass banging fuckboy. You ain’t shit and never will be. Hang that on jhulud’s fridge so you can see it tomorrow after smoking his pitty sized pole tonight. You both can take the highway to Hell, bitches!
  3. Hey der(dick) you actually came at me first. You can pretend you cooled off but you are lying just so you don’t get banned. You would be the first person I ban. Then I’d ban any of your friends. This place was so much cooler when it had better people. Guys like yocasey, Dave grohl, and some others. It was just good clean fun but you had to take it to a whole nother level and get personal. Calling me a troll or a cancer or whatever insults you could hurl my way like you are all innocent it’s all this. I acept my blame for causing panic or angrevasion but you act like you are not guilty at all. Man up and admit you are part of the problem to and then I will apologize to you and not only that, I will not name call no one any more. Otherwise, change your tampon and stay the fu** outta my lane before you get steam rolled with the block button, bitch. Nobody ever asked for your 2 sense.
  4. yeah I guess I burnt some bridges along the way, and I think jhulud is still upset with me for what I said about him in my old gatorpridesonnn thread that is locked nowbut I really said that sh*t out of rage and I was probably pissed off that day, and I am really sorry jhulud, I am going to try to be better, sometimes its hard when there are idiot assholes like rookie bitch shithead Malone trying to be a cocky dickweed attacking me and sh*t all day ling. talk about a troll, he is the best worst troll ever on these threads.
  5. Not true at all. I commented on the new underoath album the other day. I was ignored but I still participated. I’ve also tried to buy a record off someone here who told me they wouldn’t sell to me if I payed $20 more than everyone else offered. I’m trying but failing. I also have thick skin. Why aren’t you telling Derek to get off my ass? Why am I only to blame? I can just block him if you want me too
  6. Nope nothing out of me. I assume that Derek was expecting on me to fly off the handle on him again to give you the green button to ban me again. I’ll ignore him though since it’s apparently okay for him to constsntly attack me. You realize he’s been attacking me in every thread and multiple times. This is all a set up from him and his buddy’s. I will lay low so not to cause any drama but could you be so kind to make him follow the same rules you are making me to follow? I can get along with just about anybody but I’d love to shove his face in my toilet after having diareha. He’s an asshole. Plane and simple. Now that that is off my chest, I will lay low and be good.
  7. Oh, you'd think that after being around for years he wouldn't be such an asshole but I guess he still is, It says he signed up in 2017.
  8. Something for anger for sure. Derek is an unhappy one and needs a positive boost in his life
  9. OH yeasssss! MONDAY NIGHT RAW tonight fellow WWE Junkeez!! Let's get it!
  10. Nice one Nick, why don't you go rip off some more kids with yur stupid record mailing company, you piece of sh%t. Leave Cass out of this, she never farts near me and is a lady, and that would be sick to smell anyones farts other than your own and like them.
  11. Man you have only been on the VC for like 4 months. GTFOH!! HAHA,LOLOL!! I have been a bigger contributer to this community long before you! Only guys on here that have the right to trash talk me are @Dave Grohl and @thejameschump. Buzz off and play in the muddy waters of your mommys butthole bro!
  12. These guys are so rad. I saw them at warped tour I think along time ago.
  13. Honestly, from your profile pic I would say you look like the type of guy that would sh%t in the shower, LMAO
  14. Hey bud, I appreaciate the advice a lot. I have been working on that actually haha. Had a great easter. Hope youres was fun also. Love the joke about my girl, but don't do it again please. Haha I know we kid around and shit.