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  1. Keelhaul- Triumphant return to Obscurity, Great band, excellent drummer and I have seen them labeled as such.
  2. I installed this cart. on 6/7/2017, and just replaced on 1/29/19. Most of my vinyl listening is/was on the weekends, so not a ton of hours on this. Original box with all accessories and paperwork are included. $290 shipped Priority mail.
  3. The best of the US original pressings is SFSGSW, "Precision" in the deadwax if I remember right, not that RIP and Peace sells.... sound bad just a bit less dynamic I guess, at least on my set-up.
  4. Hey thanks for posting about the Scorched LP, I've been spinning that the last 2 nights pretty killer, especially side 2.
  5. Is there a DM discussion thread here? Finnish, at least old school is the best. That Convulse, Demigod, Disgrace, the 1st Sentenced, hell yes!
  6. Crazy is right I've followed a few copies of RIP in the last few months well over $100 now for an original US press, and I wish I would have kept my club copy.
  7. @The Sound of Vinyl, too bad it's the terrible 2004 remaster. https://forms.umusic.com/5835456/form/9036
  8. I'm looking for the following LP's in VG+ or better condition, original pressings. Nocturn- Estranged Dimensions Purtenance- Member of Immortal Damnation Sinister- Diabolical Summoning Miasma- Changes