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  1. Looking for “The Greatest Story Ever Told” on burgundy. Pm me if you are willing to sell or trade your copy, I know this is a long shot but if you are please pm me. Thanks.
  2. Still have the strung out available, the rest are gone.
  3. Got a few recent new colored copies for sale or trade. -Lawrence Arms “We are the champions of the world” tour edition -Strung Out “Black out the sky” fat webstore color -Swingin utters “Dead Flowers, bottlers, bluegrass and bones” fat 2003 repress -Nofx “wolves in wolves clothing” color repress open to trades or money. Send offers, will be shipping out of San Diego. Have discogs and eBay as a reference for ratings.
  4. You are seriously that upset that I don’t reply right away? And asked about something to see what it would take to get. Sorry I didn’t reply because I drove home from work, picked up my kid and am making dinner for my wife and kid.
  5. Do you still have the pears albums and taking back Sunday “louder now”?
  6. Is he reall that bad about selling? I’m trying to get one and I guess I have to go early but I have to convince a guy to let me buy it?
  7. Yeah that Kings road is a diff press color. So I should have a fat pre order color spare. Pm me and we discuss a trade or something if you want.