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  1. Hell Vinyl community, my name is Bailey and I am very interested in buying a setup for a record player. My problem is that I am not very educated on audio equipment and although I can do my fair share of research I'd like to reach out to people who know this stuff best! Basically I am looking to spend somewhere between 150$-300$ on a turntable and speakers. Preferably I'd like just a mid-range turntable that is reliable and decent, basically a good bang for your buck as a beginner with not much money to spend but willing to reach out for long term quality. When it comes to speakers, I am a fanatic of R&B and HIP/HOP music so a speaker system that offers good bass in a bedroom is a must have. Also if possible, Bluetooth or Aux capabilities for playing music off my phone would be a big plus! I was debating on getting a soundbar but was hoping to get best of both worlds and get a record player setup that I could also connect my phone too. If anyone out there could offer me advice on what to purchase that be great! I am looking to purchase this equipment through Best Buy or Target. Thank you!