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  1. Budget can go as much as $500 including the cartridge. I was thinking of LP120. But it seemed like removing the pre-amp will be too much hassle. Also, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon seems to have a IGD problem. So I am not sure where to start. One thing I sure know that I like how the Nagaoka sounds (from a number of Youtube videos). So Nagaoka seems like the only thing I am sure of, and other things not so much.
  2. Hello! My first post here. I don't have any turntable yet, and am currently in my research phase. My research suggests that cartridge has the most to do with sound quality, and in that regard many recommend Nagaoka MP-110 as it can compete with cartridges many times its price. So I am thinking to create a setup around that. As a student, money is tight. So what options do I have if I want to get a turntable which is solid in build quality, has a counter-weight, and doesn't have anti-skating issues? I was thinking to get a U-Turn Basic, and then replace the cartridge with the Nagaoka. Anything wrong with that approach? Does U-Turn have anti-skating issues in general? Any other turntable that you would recommend? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.