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  1. thank you! so it looks like the transparent teal is only for pillar, and opaque teal and purple are for everyone else? I think I'm gonna signup for pillar and grab the transparent.
  2. what url for the red? the suicide squeeze url is showing sold out for red ;(
  3. not on a tight budget, I just didn't know if a better pre amp would make a difference if I'm streaming the audio wirelessly to the sonos speakers? My assumption was that the wireless streaming would be the limiter, thus cancelling out any improvement i'd expect from a "better" preamp? Am I perhaps overestimating the sound quality loss from wireless streaming to sonos speakers?
  4. Hi guys, So i know this is not an ideal setup from an audiophile standpoint, but I've moved to a new house, I already have the sonos equipment and the Rega RP1, and it is what it is I am assuming the Sonos speakers are my limiter in this setup (as far as sound quality goes) since it will be streaming to speakers over wifi, so I should be fine buying just a cheap preamp on amazon. Is my assumption correct? or should i invest in a better preamp? Turntable: Rega RP1 (no built in preamp) Speakers: I already have a Sonos Arc soundbar for our living room tv + sub + play 5 speaker (has a line in) Preamp: something cheap from amazon (example: Pyle phono preamp https://www.amazon.com/Pyle-Phono-Turntable-Preamp-Preamplifier/dp/B07R2MR59D/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=phono%2Bpreamp%2Bfor%2Bturntable&qid=1629840388&sr=8-3&th=1) RegaRP1 ------[RCA to RCA]------>PylePreAmp------[RCA to LineInJack]------>SonosPlay5(has line in input) once the audio is passing to the Play5 speaker via Line In, I can then group the audio to my other sonos speakers wirelessly (i.e. Sonos Arc Soundbar, Sub gen 3, etc)
  5. do you have any tricks to create space on a full Kallax? lol
  6. still havn't got shipment notice on my later ordered color variant ;( I know i'm not in the first shipment group but the wait is killing me haha
  7. so in the band variant, what color is record 1, record 2 and record 3? I assume from the picture record 1 is white, record 2 is jungle and record 3 is teal?
  8. it's been almost 2 months since I received my damaged order from suicide squeeze and I have gotten no response to the 3 follow up emails I have sent them asking for replacement jacket or a return. anyone having luck contacting them? their customer service is HORRIBLE/non-existent
  9. ahhhh no shipping notice yet for me but I can't wait!!!! so excited to get this
  10. consider yourself very lucky then! when you do have an issue and send them pictures of their shit pack job and smashed in corners, they will just tell you to that exchanging an item due to sleeve damage is not "the policy"... even though it's their fault for packing it that way.
  11. please do! I'm sick of these disto's that just don't give a shit about the medium or the customers!
  12. seriously, they're 8 for 8 in packing orders like garbage. all of my orders from them show up in the cheapest 12"x12" white cardboard vinyl mailers with ZERO padding/filler, and loosely taped corners that result in 1 or more sides completely smashed in. why are so many bands using them for their fulfillment? they're complete garbage and their customer service is terrible. it is so frustrating. if they ever read this thread, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY PACK VINYL RECORDS! /vent
  13. thanks, that helps me decide! I have one of the HT pressings of this, so I'm gonna pass on it. 45 is steep, even if it's sold out elsewhere
  14. FOB webstore also has from under the cork tree on a split variant. is this a new press too or old? it's SUPER EXPENSIVE/OVERPRICED. Fuck.

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