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  1. it's been almost 2 months since I received my damaged order from suicide squeeze and I have gotten no response to the 3 follow up emails I have sent them asking for replacement jacket or a return. anyone having luck contacting them? their customer service is HORRIBLE/non-existent
  2. ahhhh no shipping notice yet for me but I can't wait!!!! so excited to get this
  3. has Paramore showed up at any US retailers yet? or was that an early post from overseas retailers?
  4. consider yourself very lucky then! when you do have an issue and send them pictures of their shit pack job and smashed in corners, they will just tell you to that exchanging an item due to sleeve damage is not "the policy"... even though it's their fault for packing it that way.
  5. please do! I'm sick of these disto's that just don't give a shit about the medium or the customers!
  6. seriously, they're 8 for 8 in packing orders like garbage. all of my orders from them show up in the cheapest 12"x12" white cardboard vinyl mailers with ZERO padding/filler, and loosely taped corners that result in 1 or more sides completely smashed in. why are so many bands using them for their fulfillment? they're complete garbage and their customer service is terrible. it is so frustrating. if they ever read this thread, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY PACK VINYL RECORDS! /vent
  7. thanks, that helps me decide! I have one of the HT pressings of this, so I'm gonna pass on it. 45 is steep, even if it's sold out elsewhere
  8. FOB webstore also has from under the cork tree on a split variant. is this a new press too or old? it's SUPER EXPENSIVE/OVERPRICED. Fuck.
  9. splatter OOS. is this the type of store that holds stuff in carts and then it expires after XX number of minutes? or are they alllllll gone?
  10. can someone help me out with understanding my best option being here in the US? I don't want to splurge on international shipping if there's a high chance US retailers will get this! for everything in transit, were the numbered copies only through HHV and other over seas retailers? or did it they eventually make it to US based retailers? I remember amazon cancelled everyone's but what about other US retailers? TIA
  11. no shipping confirmation on my end. now I'm second guessing if I actually pre ordered this or if I just "planned to" and never did lol. what email address did your order confirmation come from?
  12. hmm actually I see on the deluxe page what it includes, just still unclear if it's in an actual outer box, or slipcase, or nothing at all? Limited edition 15 year anniversary Deluxe Edition + Live Stream Ticket - Features original recording of This December + a reimagined stripped down version of the album! - 2 Limited Edition Variants - 1 Digital Ticket to Lydia's live stream concert on December 19th (hosted on Pillar)
  13. the bundles are annoying.. so if I want all 3, I'm gonna end up with 3 livestream tickets? or is the deluxe just the two variants in a boxset or slipcase or something? I'm confused edit: never mind figured out it includes both variants
  14. awesome. looks like new variants of past records too. grabbed one of everything since I always missed the first pressing of prior records!
  15. dang, did I miss it all? Im seeing sold out on merchnow and hopeless site
  16. Nice!! Grabbed the blue cloud variant, I think this one will look pretty sweet!
  17. ouch! well I'd rather that $120 go to a band I love then to a flipper. this is the last collectors edition I needed
  18. what was the original preorder price for just the brother/sister collectors edition? $90?
  19. Grabbed one in a bundle with a shirt that won’t fit me haha. Anyone interested in a Large shirt? I’m just glad I got a 2nd chance to grab this, even if it was $120!

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