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  1. hey guys, we closed Coffeebreath & Heartache and its online shop by the end of last year. I decided to sell some of my private leftovers for cheap and some "specials"; only a very few copies of each record left (1-4). If you're interested: send me a message! what's left: Banquets/Nightmares For A Week Split 12" (grey edition available): 10 € Banquets - s/t (regular and grey cover edition available): 10€ Clipwing - Ashford 12" (all three editions available): 7€ Gameface - Regular Size (both editions available; one even with screened cotton sleeve): 5€
  2. We've talked about this for quite a while and this is the perfect release for us to say goodbye. Thanks for the kind words. We really hope you like this and our other Releases. Keep us in good memory!
  3. Hey everyone, we'll release Banquets' final record "Spit At The Sun" as a triple 7" in a wooden box. Each record comes in a different Color, the wooden box is handscreened. This is limited to 100 copies! Preorder, pics and more information: http://shop.coffeebreathandheartache.com/products/562617-banquets-spit-at-the-sun-3x7-box We seriously gave it our best shot, since this will be our final release as a label, too. Thx!
  4. Coffeebreath And Heartache is selling some rare testpressings on eBay to collect money to buy clothes and toys for refugees in Bielefeld/Germany! Iron Chic - Demo'08 12" Testpressing http://www.ebay.de/itm/Iron-Chic-Demo08-12-Testpress-Benefit-Auction-/281792695031?hash=item419c274af7 Captain Planet - s/t 12" Testpressing http://www.ebay.de/itm/Captain-Planet-s-t-12-EP-Testpressung-/281787836760?hash=item419bdd2958 Check it out and please spread the word! Refugees welcome!
  5. thx for the orders so far! preorders are going very well. I you haven't seen: We started preorders for Great Lakes USA's "Stumbling Distance" 12" and a limited edition (50 copies) of Banquets' "s/t" album too! Your chance to give us all your money and save some shipping ;-)
  6. We're happy to release the limited european edition of The Hunters' third full length! THE HUNTERS - ART ELECTRIC 12" - 13 (!) songs ranging from heart-on-the-sleeves folk to blazing rock n’ roll - this quartet from Quebec (Canada) combines raw power and touching sensibility - colored 12" vinyl - 2 editions available, limited to less than 300 copies in total - screenprinted, die-cut, and handnumbered sleeves with front opening and thick fold-inlay - comes with digital download Tracklist: 1. “Dave Grohl” 2. “Hold On, Marci” 3. “Roadworn Heart” 4. “Connecticut” 5. “Runaway” 6. “Heroes” 7. “
  7. We're really happy to announce that we handle the vinyl edition of GREAT LAKES USA's new "Stumbling Distance" EP. Great Lakes USA - Stumbling Distance - 6 fast, melodic and catchy rippers from Boston, MA punks - one-sided 12" - 2 editions available, limited to less than 300 copies in total - handscreened sleeves with punched out skyline on the back, thick inlays - all records are handnumbered on the B-side (in different ways) - comes with digital download - first release with Mike Przygoda (No Trigger) on the lead guitar - for fans of Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones Pressing Info
  8. Hey everyone, pre-orders for a limited edition of this beauty are going online in our webstore in about one hour! Banquets - s/t (Grey Cover Edition on Coffeebreath & Heartache) - comes in a grey handscreeened cover (simple cover, no die-cut!) - clear with purple & black vinyl (like the mailorder/tour edition) - handnumbered and limited to 50 copies - comes with digital download - 10,50€ (cheap international shipping available) (- cat not included) Preorder here in less than one hour: http://shop.coffeebreathandheartache.com/

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