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  1. What other message boards or websites do people check out for vinyl releases etc.?
  2. beagiesmalls

    General Headphones Thread

    Thanks to you both for the suggestions. Any experience with the Sennheiser HD 500 level? Seems like the HD 579 and 599s are a nice price point.
  3. beagiesmalls

    General Headphones Thread

    100% in my office which has a door so I can basically go with whatever. Found the PSB's to be super comfortable and reliable-used them M-F for about five years. Use them with a Black Dragonfly DAC so prefer wired. Media is 100% Spotify streaming at high bit rate. Hope this helps! Thanks
  4. beagiesmalls

    General Headphones Thread

    Looking to replace my PSB M4U 1 wired headphones. Anyone have any updated recommendations I should check out? Looking to spend <$300. Thanks!