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  1. Rated X - United Front https://ratedx.bandcamp.com/music UK https://deathwishinc.eu/collections/painkiller/products/rated-x-united-front EU
  2. New one from Dutch band Hawser out September 18th 3 variants: https://evilgreed.net/products/hawser-all-is-forgiven-lp - EU https://deathwishinc.com/products/hawser-all-is-forgiven - US
  3. Unreal City - Cruelty of Heaven first single https://youtu.be/lirYPP_w-so Pre-order from Closed Casket Records (2 variants /150 sold out) https://closedcasketactivities.com/collections/unreal-city/products/unreal-city-cruelty-of-heaven-preorder or from Euro store where the /150 is in stock still https://evilgreed.net/collections/closed-casket-activities/products/unreal-city-cruelty-of-heaven-lp