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  1. $50... That's awfully steep for a new 2xLP. I really want this, but I think I may have to sit out for that 😕
  2. New Brian Chippendale... What am I gonna do, not buy it? Thank you
  3. http://www.foetus.org/content/shop/ $20, red vinyl. Hyped this is finally back on wax! "Exclusive red vinyl limited edition reissue of the very first Foetus album released in 1981. A wild eccentric collision of ideas and mania from music concrete, funk, no wave to noise.Released under the moniker "You've Got Foetus On Your Breath", the DEAF album was originally released on JG Thirlwell’s Self Immolation label (while a resident of London). Over the years the album has become a highly sought-after collectors item. The 2019 reissue was remastered by Josh Bonati. The album is packaged with a reproduction of the original promo poster from the album and a digital download card."
  4. not to be that fedora guy but this is some of the most obviously culty mainstream christian media I've ever seen
  5. Glad I was drunk when this dropped, otherwise I'd be sad I didn't impulse buy this right now.
  6. Guess I'll be sleeping in this year 😕 Oh well. I would've gotten Peaches, too, if it wasn't a picture disc.
  7. If it isn't a vinyl run of Songs From The Black Hole, then they should just stop releasing music.
  8. Swans really don't have a bad album imo (not even The Burning World), but I just want to set the record straight and point out that they peaked with Public Castration Is A Good Idea, followed closely and in no particular order by Cop, Young God, Filth, Time Is Money (Bastard), Swans EP, and all the good stuff from then.
  9. Whelp.. It's new Swans, so that's a blind cop from me. Can't wait to hear this for the first time when the record arrives.
  10. So is there any word of an actual vinyl release or what?
  11. It's not sold out that's just the default before it goes on sale. It isn't out yet.
  12. Grabbed the reissues! Also finally bit the bullet on that Sleep beanie now that shipping is proportional to what I'm ordering rather than half the sub-total