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  1. This fucking peels. Got me squeaking and bellowing.
  2. Haven't found the record, but SPGII means this was mastered by Stan Getz II.
  3. Nah you'll damage your records like that, the needle is different. Haven't heard of a stereo adapter cartridge for a mono record player, either, but I won't say they don't exist.
  4. This label is always dropping all sorts of fantastic classic noise, figured it'd be nice to have one thread for their catalogue. Pre-orders are up now for Hate by Masonna (this is the first ever re-release of the original cassette edition of 15) and Cosmic Coincidence Control Center by C.C.C.C. I have a few Merzbow albums by them and they're fantastic, they also do really nice wooden box sets which have historically been too expensive for me. One of my favorite labels for sure. https://www.urashima.it/ https://urashima.bandcamp.com/music
  5. So the move seems to be cop FTM now, subscribe to VMP on the 24th. Or should I just fuck myself completely and get a 3 month VMP sub to be safe? Looks like I'll be skipping those RSD drops 😕
  6. Just to be clear I'm not hating on anyone for buying this lol I just literally do not understand, vinyl is about audio quality for me but I just do not care about the audio quality of a comedy special
  7. Good "comedy" piece, but tbh I don't understand why anyone would buy comedy on vinyl anymore. Made sense when that was the best way to own audio, but now?
  8. https://pitchfork.com/news/new-de-la-soul-catalog-owners-say-theyll-work-with-band-to-bring-albums-to-streaming-services/ Hoping this is good news for the band, as well, but Tommy Boy was recently bought out by someone new and the new owner is actually in talks with the band right now. Not sure, but hopefully.
  9. Fat Beats has stocked a new variant! https://www.fatbeats.com/products/neros-day-at-disneyland-from-rotting-fantasylands-lp-new
  10. Deluxe up at Bleep as of like 30 seconds ago, go now now now now now!!! Edit: https://bleep.com/release/225660-my-bloody-valentine-loveless Had a copy of Geogaddi sitting in my cart I wasn't planning to buy but now that I'm getting two things I guess shipping feels more worth it lol, oh well. Spent about twice as much money as I meant to but I like Geogaddi, too. Edit 2: Gone again.
  11. Standard LP and standard bundle are back in stock: https://store.mybloodyvalentine.org/release/223063-my-bloody-valentine-loveless
  12. Technically this isn't the original drop (which sold out pretty fast) but DeathbombArc put up the 150 copies they set aside for distro on their webstore instead: https://shop.deathbombarc.com/collections/vinyl/products/neros-day-at-disneyland-from-rotting-fantasylands-12-vinyl Purple/white blend vinyl. Didn't see this posted here when the original drop happened so I missed it, but thrilled to snag a copy this time around. Easily one of the best breakcore albums of all time. As of posting this there are 113 copies left (extra stock went up yesterday).
  13. Looks like Albini found some old '80s/'90s cassettes in his basement and put them up on Touch & Go. For Big Black, they've got Atomizer, Hammer Party, and Pigpile. Only Shellac tape up is At Action Park. Not a big enough Big Black/Shellac fan to go for these myself, but maybe someone on here is. "Found in Steve Albini's basement in the winter of 2020, these original issue 80's/90's cassettes are a great addition to any cassette collector's or Big Black completist's inventory. Cassettes are packaged in their original 80's / 90's shrink wrap plastic. Due to the extended time ( ~30 years!) of storage in Steve's basement, there is no guarantee that these cassettes will actually play or what the playback quality will be if they do play. They are being sold as-is; no returns or exchanges. At best you will have a working original cassette. At worst you will have a piece of Big Black / Touch and Go history. "

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