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  1. Abruptum - Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes Red vinyl limited to 100 copies, black limited to 400. First time on vinyl.
  2. They had a separate item to put in your cart, $5 more expensive than standard. Their twitter also confirmed they're sold out. Apologies, friend.
  3. Glad I bit the bullet and went for a colored set
  4. Squard

    PO Now: Merzbow - Venereology

    Oh shit, 100 run's already sold out, glad I fucking jumped on that
  5. Squard

    PO Now: Merzbow - Venereology

    Ordered instantly, super excited
  6. Really having to fight not to buy this one
  7. Abruptum - Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes! Profound Lore is doing a one-time run of 500 2xLPs, can't believe this album's never been pressed! Goes up for sale on the 18th, though it seems some copies are already skulking about seeing as someone posted photos and is selling one on Discogs. https://www.profoundlorerecords.com/abruptum-vi-sonus-veris-nigrae-malitiaes-re-issue/
  8. Squard

    Brainiac Touch and Go Reissues

    Copped a bundle without hesitation, thank you!
  9. I would recommend waiting, still. You get access to the Vault, and sometimes there are some worthwhile member-only goodies. Excess stock of the black/green split of The Sciences sold in their member's only section.
  10. Pre-order for the album featuring the most wanted song and most unwanted song. Apparently limited to 250 copies, though I'm not sure if that's each or total. https://needlejuicerecords.com/product/thepeopleschoicemusic/
  11. Managed to get ahold of a copy! This topic is essentially closed
  12. Bump, I am still very much interested in this!
  13. Chinese Football LP2 when Seriously though, if the singles are better than AmFoot 2 I'll consider, not sold on this yet. Is anything already out?