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  1. Managed to get ahold of a copy! This topic is essentially closed
  2. Bump, I am still very much interested in this!
  3. Chinese Football LP2 when Seriously though, if the singles are better than AmFoot 2 I'll consider, not sold on this yet. Is anything already out?
  4. Bump, shows are coming up so if anybody's going please DM me!
  5. Hello! I am very eager to procure a copy of the tour edition of The Sciences by Sleep. Seeing as it's unlikely to pop up secondhand at a reasonable price, it would be much appreciated if someone attending one of the upcoming shows could snag me a copy. I'd be happy to pay a reasonable amount for it (which we can discuss privately if you're interested), or I am willing to trade something. I'll attach my discogs collection. Most things in it are things I'm attached to, but it never hurts to ask. I also have a VMP subscription and Third Man vault subscription if there's an exclusive release you'd like me to pick up for you so we can swap. Let me know, thanks! www.discogs.com/user/Squard/collection
  6. Two versions are available, standard black vinyl and tour edition (ltd to 350 copies) on clear vinyl with color-swapped cover art. http://shop.altinvillage.de/product/xiu-xiu-girl-with-basket-of-fruit-ltd-tour-edition-pre-order http://shop.altinvillage.de/product/xiu-xiu-girl-with-basket-of-fruit First single: Scisssssssors Album itself releases February 8th.
  7. Squard

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Varies by track but the only one I'd actually call lo-fi is the rehearsal recording. Other than that, it's better than the Bowie mix of the actual album.
  8. Squard

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Snagged Remain In Light and Rare Power for RSD releases. Wound up coming home with Raw Power (the version with both mixes), the Newbury Comics pressing of Neu!, and a sealed copy of The Cold Vein deluxe edition? Looks like there's a repress, but everything on this is the same as the 2013 version, and the represses aren't on Discogs yet. Does anyone have any information on this?
  9. Added a note to seller asking him to sign it, so maybe if I get super lucky Peep'll include a little note or something
  10. Wanted white vinyl but standard cover art, so I snagged one of each. Now I just have to decide which one to keep, hopefully it'll be an easier choice when I have one in each hand!
  11. Available from Cold Spring's Bandcamp on black or gold vinyl. Gold is limited to 300 copies, black doesn't mention a limit.
  12. Squard

    PO: MESHUGGAH Reissues

    Copped Chaosphere and that S/T EP, good shit.
  13. Is it in stock from Tower? I have a Buyee account but don't want to accidentally submit an order if it's out of stock. Go to Buyee and go to add site, then you have to go to tower records and use the buyee extension to add it to your cart