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  1. Added a note to seller asking him to sign it, so maybe if I get super lucky Peep'll include a little note or something
  2. Wanted white vinyl but standard cover art, so I snagged one of each. Now I just have to decide which one to keep, hopefully it'll be an easier choice when I have one in each hand!
  3. Available from Cold Spring's Bandcamp on black or gold vinyl. Gold is limited to 300 copies, black doesn't mention a limit.
  4. Squard

    PO: MESHUGGAH Reissues

    Copped Chaosphere and that S/T EP, good shit.
  5. Is it in stock from Tower? I have a Buyee account but don't want to accidentally submit an order if it's out of stock. Go to Buyee and go to add site, then you have to go to tower records and use the buyee extension to add it to your cart
  6. Well good to hear I'm not alone, hopefully it'll arrive soon
  7. Green showed up today, has anybody received their TP yet? I ordered one.
  8. Snagged this and the green Flood back in July ish, hopefully they do The Else soon!
  9. Squard

    Low - "Double Negative"

    To those who ordered exclusive before the adjustment, what I did is order a second one. I'll either return a normal black copy for not being as advertised or have an extra exclusive copy to flip for a $5 profit
  10. I only recently started going for test presses. I went for the Year of the Snitch test press because I'm a complete avant teen bitch when it comes to DG and I snagged a blank banshee test press because they were actually cheaper than the regular versions so I figured why not, props to Hologram Bay for that. Of course, they emailed me a month later letting me know my order wouldn't be fulfilled because they made a mistake calculating stock, so they offered me some other limited Blank Banshee merch that isn't out yet, so I bought the same test press for $60 on ebay and I'll recoup that flipping the limited shit I don't actually want. And the only time I can think to play a test press would be for ripping purposes, one time only deal.
  11. Gonna consider while I wait for the VMP version, thanks.
  12. Reposting this from the other thread so people see. Leviathan's Tenth Sub Level of Suicide is getting a repress. http://www.moribundcult.com/product/DEAD43LP.html Grey/black splatter 2xLP, $33.99. Also, Abruptum's Bandcamp added a new run of colored, non-picture disc pressings of Obscuritatem and In Umbra. Limited to 100 copies. Missed the first round of clear/metallic smoke, so I jumped on these. 9 of each left on Bandcamp, but there are some more at www.ipr666shop.com Sorry if somebody's already posted these!
  13. http://www.moribundcult.com/product/DEAD43LP.html Grey/black splatter 2xLP, $33.99.