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  1. Never ordered from Popmarket but I will say that Amazon is the only online store I've ever ordered from that delivered a record with literally no packaging. Just a postage label stuck on the shrinkwrap.
  2. I would expect those funds to be returned to the buyer pretty soon, definitely don't trust that they're actually available. Maybe see if you can contact the buyer directly and set up a transaction through paypal after cancelling the eBay order? I'd also check the seller terms before trying that, though, it might violate eBay's rules.
  3. FINALLY FANTASTIC DAMAGE. Thank you, instant buy.
  4. Guess I'm really saving my money this year. Even worse than last year.
  5. Is this mix especially good/sought after? I like the album but don't pay much attention to Nirvana, not sure if I should be seeking this one out specifically.
  6. Available on standard black vinyl ($15) and a limited run of 500 on random colored vinyl ($20). Available on Bandcamp and the label's website. Pretty happy about this.
  7. This fucking peels. Got me squeaking and bellowing.
  8. Haven't found the record, but SPGII means this was mastered by Stan Getz II.
  9. Nah you'll damage your records like that, the needle is different. Haven't heard of a stereo adapter cartridge for a mono record player, either, but I won't say they don't exist.