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  1. Hate seeing my favorite thread drop into the abyss, so here's a quick update/bump for some previously linked LP's that are available at the moment... Dag Nasty (Dag w/ Shawn) - Sea Glass https://www.dischord.com/release/168/dag-with-shawn Gray Matter (Food For Thought) - Metallic Silver https://www.dischord.com/release/048/food-for-thought Rites of Spring (End on End) https://www.dischord.com/release/016/end-on-end Cheers!
  2. So much nitrous... reminded me of 'Dead shows back in the 90's 😃
  3. While on the other hand, I've ordered around 20-30 albums from DeepDiscount spread out over a couple orders since the sale started and EVERYTHING landed DEAD MINT. Couldn't be happier!
  4. Or, bring the couple into the fold for a small cut to help you identify and catalog the LP's & 78's that 'he could only dream of owning.' Kinda reminded me of the cut 'Sex Pistols' single 7" scene from High Fidelity.
  5. You'll end up with exactly what you ordered.... Down in The Valley is as solid as they come. I image the box of LP's got damaged during shipping thus the multiple copies with the same damage. Simple enough
  6. Vile, gross, wasteful. I can see you're a fan of hyperbole. Whatever. If $40 hurts, get a new hobby.
  7. I have yet to spend a $.10 with Newbury. But, again, we're talking $40, so regardless of where the analogy may land, it's not much in the grand scheme of things when it's a once or twice (or thrice) a year splurge. But hey, you pick & choose your battles (and votes) so have at it. As far as golf, I used to think the same, but the history of golf architecture turned the worm and now I'm a junkie. It's a good life
  8. Let's not overthink this. First, it's $40 we're talking about. A cheap round of golf. A tank of gas. 2 IMAX movie tix. No debates (snarky or otherwise) needed... it's stocking stuffer fun $$$. Second, if someone wants to collect 'em all more power to 'em. Christ, you only live once and there's plenty of daily 'accideals' to make up for any margins if you're an Excel kinda guy....
  9. Cost from Southern Lord (w/o shipping) has been anywhere from $26 - $35 since I purchased my first in '15. Newbury is always more expensive but I think the vinyl looks tits along with the holographic cover... I just don't know if I really need to drop another $40+ for yet another repress of Dopesmoker. But I probably will... 219 copies still available
  10. If anyone is looking for Dopesmoker in traditional black vinyl with the deluxe holographic cover, now would be the time to check out Southern Lord or Sleep's Bandcamp
  11. I know the Hazy Green w/ the Holo cover was the Red/Orchard indie exclusive set for an 11/23 release. SL confirmed that back in Sept. The Cornetto vinyl was only available via SL or Sleep Bandcamp and wasn't being released until early Dec. from what I remember. I see Amoeba has a listing for the Cornetto, but no listing for the Hazy Green, so I'm thinking Amoeba fucked up listing the Hazy Green as Cornetto? That is if Amoeba is part of Red/Orchard distribution? Speaking of stoned, nothing from SL on this end as far as the Cornetto shipping. But I'm pretty sure the only version that has shipped and/or landed in stores is the Hazy Green. Short story long, as they say...
  12. So you're saying there's something wrong with buying every frickin' Dopesmoker repress that comes down the pipeline? Like it's an addiction? Like there's anything wrong with having a LP bin dedicated to represses of the same album in a rainbow of colors and covers? My therapist says it goes back to my childhood fascination with Bigfoot and the '67 Patterson-Gimlin film...
  13. Long time listener, first time caller. Found out about VC via Discogs and a growing itch to accumulate more vinyl. Seems like a good mix of people with the occasional troll, so I'm looking forward to the community, discovering some obscure gems music-wise and probably dropping some coin... on yet another SLEEP Dopesmoker repress.