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  1. I've made this page a mess over the last year with URLs that no longer work because I switched web hosts twice! But I *do* get customers from here, so I'll keep posting all alone with a smile! Here is what we have percolating right now! If you make your pledge today (10/28) or tomorrow (10/29), you will receive a bonus reward of 3 holographic stickers. If you are also one of our first 30 backers, you will get a bonus button too! Here is the campaign URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mintplusplus/twin-peaks-enamel-pins-0?ref=3pcx24 Thanks for letting me bump this thread every few months!
  2. I remember buying a censored Pants and Jacket in middle school and, years later, learning that Happy Holidays, You Bastard had lyrics.
  3. I overdose on the volume and saturation of the production and guitars like 4 songs in, so I love the toned down Kenneth remix and am excited to hear more. IMO, these songs are great and have more than enough on their own without the heightened filter that they drenched them in. I'm not a sound dude so I lack the vocabulary to describe it exactly but it's just too much, at least for my ears. I hope the remix is mostly a subtle reigning in of the excessive elements and lets the instruments and vocals do their thing. I hate getting ear fatigue before I can get to Let Me In, one of my top 5 R.E.M. tracks of all time.
  4. A friend of mine just put out a boot reissue of the McGruff's Smart Kids album from 1986. It's a lot of ridiculous '80s synth and piano pop with McGruff singing lead and warning you of the dangers of cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. Some of it as actually pretty damn catchy and better than you'd expect an 'educational' propaganda album to be. If you're into that kind of stuff, his group CHUD Buddies is selling them on their Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/702934592/mcgruffs-smart-kids-album-reproduction?ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1 Speaking of, if you're into group movie watches online and chatting on Discord with other movie people all over the world, check out their main page and Discord where they do that kind of group fun stuff: http://chudbuddies.club
  5. I imagine each new round of the process (writing, recording, touring) introduces an opportunity to eject one's self as neatly as possible given the situation. I'd take her word that it's a creative difference and not something scandalous. The new re-brand is pretty bold and extends beyond the music into the visual elements of the band members themselves (or so it seems from some live videos I watched) and I can see how not everyone might have the energy and desire to take on that kind of theatrical/visual duty.
  6. It should be noted that, even if the posted policies have got you covered, individual post offices will sometimes try and pull some wild stuff in person. I had a branch that refused to scan my pre-paid labels at their desk and said it was USPS policy to only accept packages in the drop off bin, with no scan, which my other local office confirmed as false. I've also read about locations that will try to charge you for their extra care service if you write 'fragile' on the package and who have claimed music doesn't qualify for media mail. The OP's branch telling people that ALL International First Class services are capped at 16oz and Priority is necessary, knowingly or by accident, is pretty par for the course.
  7. I think the individual listing page is incorrectly priced. The tape is $13.99 (still very expensive) if you use the dropdown selector in the main listing at the top of the page.
  8. Everything after Eskimo Snow has been a gut punch in terms of how disappointing I've found them. What's been strange is how fun and good the Divorcee and Yoni & Geti albums were. He's able to find that right balance still but, for some reason, the last few Why? albums have leaned into his worst instincts as a songwriter, IMO. Very curious to see how this one ends up sounding.
  9. This feels like it was custom made for a Popmarket/Insound/MusicVaultz 70% off sale in a year.
  10. The original pressing is SO expensive. Gonna grab a regular edition once it floats by my phone screen.
  11. Random code INDIEFOXX gets you $5 off a 1 month sub, $15 off a 3 month sub, and $60 off a 12 month.