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  1. “We wanted to reach out to let you know we're experiencing a slight delay in receiving some of the vinyl for Holy Hell. We've got most of it now and we've begun shipping orders. We should have the balance in next week and will be shipping out orders as soon as it arrives. We appreciate your patience and if you have any questions about your order please email us at [email protected] As always, thank you for the support. -Kings Road Merch “
  2. Have a mixed feelings about it but one thing is for sure , Nolly fckin CRUSHED it. Like that its raw and super emotional, not sure what to think from the songwriting perspective , in some moments its a bit awkward but in some it really is something new, refreshing (Josh obviously brought a bit of a new perspective and thats good) and interesting. All in all, although I kinda didn't liked it at first listening because I got used to Tom's approach and masterpieces that are Lost forever and All our gods, I must say that this album is growing on me and to be honest I like that feeling when I don't get it at first but discover the details after and everything stars making sense..generally that's indication of something new, evolutional, which is always welcome. Can't wait to get the actual LP with awesome art from Dan Hillier. Gatefold is mindblowing. Tom's wish came true in that segment too. Think they'll just become better and better at new way of working/functioning and that we will hear a lot of new interesting and innovative stuff from them from now on. Persistence is the most meaningful thing in life and Holly Hell is one nice example of that...its more than music, it's a symbol, a motivation.
  3. Ordered from Kingsroad US to EU, still not shipped. Hopefully they'll ship soon. Anyone got any shipping notifs from Kingsroad or others ?
  4. Well, if anyone from europe has and wants to get rid of their opaque grey/black swirl or red w black smoke version or so for a normal price, lemme know
  5. https://twitter.com/OtherPeopleRec/status/1040646743363248128 They're repressing Suffer Just To Believe . Just bought that limited pink You Make Everything Disappear with screen printed cover and was thinking about how to get the EP :))
  6. Hate when they do just the vinyl cover mockup and a single song (although I dig it) before release Hope they'll have some records on tour with them or do another run/pressing . btw. Im seeing some stores still having them as an preorder so is there a possibility that they will be cutting out the orders if the first pressing is super limited like it was for the first record and as its already sold out on the official store?
  7. Tiny bit offtopic but does anyone have The Tide And Its Takers? How does it sound on vinyl?
  8. Ordered mine from Juno today and they dispatched it in couple of hours.
  9. Ordered mine. Hopefully the sound quality is decent, not just CD on vinyl :). Also hope they press Rest Inside The Flames in future.