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  1. FATA - Too Bad You're Beautiful Hot Rod Circuit - If I knew now Hot Rod Circuit -Reality's Coming Through
  2. title says it all. missing this piece for my collection.
  3. I'm looking for: At the drive in 7"s brand new - quiet things red Glassjaw - cosmopolitan bloodloss format - swans White mars volta - Deloused, Televators and Inertiastic ESP, Movielife Gambling problem saves the day -- in reverie yeah yeah yeahs - maps 10 or 7"
  4. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P99YGXF
  5. Yup, the UO Lust for Life is the coke bottle one. The other 2 have alternate covers. I'm looking for the Honeymoon with the different cover. Also, Bill Hicks fucking rules.
  6. UO - heart Love single UO - Lust for life, Honeymoon or ultraviolence any 7"s
  7. I dont know how to change the topic title or the info - I found a copy of Nightmare of you. I'm looking for 3 records: Thursday - War All The Time Saves the day - Cant Slow Down Movielife - Gambling Problem
  8. Title says it all. Looking for: Nightmare of You self titled Juliana Theory - Emotion Is Dead Thursday - War All The Time