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  1. Everyone that has got shipping notices - were your orders just records or bundles?
  2. Well in that case... If anyone is looking - I've got a black bundle and I'm looking to trade for a brown bundle. I dont really care about colors, more interested in having the brown jacket. Thank you!
  3. idk about anyone else but I'm so pumped about noctourniquet having the 3d glasses
  4. I really want Rodeo & Picasso and Raise the Dead. No way Recover is happening, Phantom Planet probably doesn't have a fighting chance either.
  5. Here's my take on the legal thing. The way I read the interview the band had the vinyl rights and Universal breached their contract with each pressing. Omar was guided by his attorney not to pursue damages because of costs. Part of me has a hard time believing Universal over and over again knowingly and purposely breached the agreement and released the albums. On the other hand, Universal could have said fuck 'em and pressed the records. The band is nothing compared to some of the massive artists under the Universal umbrella. So if I'm their lawyer I need
  6. Anyone have a new copy? I don't care about pressing or color.
  7. seriously for the amount of money this set is I hope they did it right and kept the original packaging concepts
  8. I'm also curious if Noctourniquet has the 3d glasses.
  9. When you think about what legitimate copies of the first 2 records go for online, it makes sense. I agree the box is beautiful. I'm a huge fan of theirs and have no records in the catalog, so this is a no brainer for me. I also think this will sell out by the end of today and at that point the box will be worth more than $500. This all said, I can't see them not selling the albums as individuals after this. It makes sense on their end to do the high end limited box first, let that go, and then pick up all the individual sales after.
  10. fuckin a What a week between in reverie and this. Maybe I'll go buy a lotto ticket.

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