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  1. I think you mean Rockets From The Crypt and not Hot Rod Circuit
  2. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/bloodhound-gang-show-us-your-hits/812269-01/
  3. The shipping is brutal, comes to $55. Shipping costs almost as much as the record.
  4. Hell yeah I was there! RIP VV :-( - I saw so many great in stores over the years. I went about a week before it shut down to say my goodbyes and it was heartbreaking to see the store the way that it was.
  5. hi there! I'm looking to pick up any of the above named records. Looking for sealed/mint only. I've got 100+ positive feedback on discogs with 0 negative feedback. If you have any of these records and are willing to sell them at reasonable prices please hit me up! Thank you in advance!
  6. yeah it'll be the same thing as coloring book - 2 covers, 1 for MD and 1 for the other retail sites
  7. Wish they did a repress of Sunburn. So expensive ugh!
  8. Everyone that has got shipping notices - were your orders just records or bundles?
  9. Well in that case... If anyone is looking - I've got a black bundle and I'm looking to trade for a brown bundle. I dont really care about colors, more interested in having the brown jacket. Thank you!
  10. idk about anyone else but I'm so pumped about noctourniquet having the 3d glasses
  11. I really want Rodeo & Picasso and Raise the Dead. No way Recover is happening, Phantom Planet probably doesn't have a fighting chance either.
  12. Here's my take on the legal thing. The way I read the interview the band had the vinyl rights and Universal breached their contract with each pressing. Omar was guided by his attorney not to pursue damages because of costs. Part of me has a hard time believing Universal over and over again knowingly and purposely breached the agreement and released the albums. On the other hand, Universal could have said fuck 'em and pressed the records. The band is nothing compared to some of the massive artists under the Universal umbrella. So if I'm their lawyer I need to do a cost/benefit analysis of whether or not its worth it to sue them. First, you're going after a giant with unlimited resources and tons of in house counsel, who in turn will drown you in motions and bullshit. However, if the contract very clearly reads no vinyl rights, lawsuit itself is pretty simple and if you can navigate universal's bullshit proving the breach is pretty easy. It does seem, however, that both sides have radically different views of the contract, which would be a contract interpretation and formation dispute, and they would need to provide evidence to prove the other side's knowledge of what they were agreeing to (emails, letters - non hearsay, not easy). Assuming they prove Universal absolutely knew they couldn't press the vinyl and did it on purpose, the question really is then damages. What will the band be paid if they win? How much did universal profit from illegally selling those records? Big picture, really not that much when you consider the low quantities of pressings and what the label took home, not grossed. Then let's say they are in a state where you get triple damages as punishment, you've still got to pay all your lawyer fees, which most likely will be 1/3rd of your recovery. This could be a multi year extravaganza, extremely draining mentally and seriously distract Omar from creating and moving forward, all for a few hundred grand, which then gets divided among whoever in the band has royalty rights. In terms of the Walmart lawsuit point - each lawsuit needs to be analyzed on it's own set of facts and what the damages are. If someone slipped, fell and broke their leg, it's pretty simple. Walmart also has insurance for all of this shit, so if the person has a video/walmart cameras of them slipping on something Walmart should have cleaned up, they are most likely getting paid pretty easily based on hospital bills, limited ability, not being able to work, etc.

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