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  1. Mare Cognitum & Spectral Lore are back with a brand new opus entitled 'Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine'. Preorders are now live for the triple gatefold 3 LP set on orange and black marbled vinyl imited to 600 copies. The album clocks in at almost 2 hours in length. Releases on March 15, 2020! North America: https://marecognitum.bandcamp.com/album/wanderers-astrology-of-the-nine Europe: https://metalodyssey.8merch.com/product/spectral-lore-and-mare-cognitum-wanderers-astrology-of-the-nine-3lp/
  2. Svartrit reissues now available from Amor Fati Productions! Reissues of 'I', 'II', and 'III' all released on oxblood colored vinyl with black marble effect. Each album reissue limited to 300 handnumbered copies! Ordered all 3 and with shipping came to $77.39 using PayPal as payment to the US. https://shop.amor-fati-productions.de/en/8119-svartrit-i-lp https://shop.amor-fati-productions.de/en/8120-svartrit-ii-lp https://shop.amor-fati-productions.de/en/8121-svartrit-iii-lp
  3. Yeah it was a total shit show at 8 AM CST this morning. Site crashed before the album even went up for pre-order. On top of that, one of their socials mentioned that they had transferred the web store to a "Virtual Personal Server" to handle the increased traffic of this particular pre-order. Ended up watching stock of both of the colored variants deplete on Bandcamp while the web store still wouldn't fucking load. Refreshed Bandcamp and they had added more copies for sale there so I had to jump on the splatter then. Hey so besides this first world problem, Kuunpalvelus decided to repress 'Vigilia' and 'Ylistys' from Cosmic Church. They are being distributed exclusively at Amor Fati. https://shop.amor-fati-productions.de/en/7727-cosmic-church-vigilia-lp https://shop.amor-fati-productions.de/en/7725-cosmic-church-ylistys-dlp Gonna have to keep diggin' into those wallets, fellas.
  4. I'm new to the forum but whats going on here? I absolutely loved 'Lose Yourself to Find Peace'. Group buy?
  5. PO is now up on Season of Mist shops for the new 1349 album: North America: https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/list/1349-the-infernal-pathway?cat=5 EU/Worldwide: https://shop.season-of-mist.com/list/1349-the-infernal-pathway?cat=5&limit=30%2F
  6. I gladly spent $60 on this when I saw every other version on Discogs goes for between $150-200. Snagged an AVRVM variant. Everything but the black is sold out and that variant is even down to 70 copies at the time of this post.
  7. The final Cosmic Church album 'Täyttymys' is now available on vinyl. North America: https://blackomen.bigcartel.com/product/cosmic-church-tayttymys-lp Europe: https://shop.amor-fati-productions.de/en/7289-cosmic-church-taeyttymys-lp
  8. Vinyl pressing of Midnight Odyssey's Funerals from the Astral Sphere finally available from Amor Fati Productions. No word on US distribution yet but it is €22.00 for shipping to the US from the label. Released as 3X LP in a color variant as well as classic black. Color variant: https://shop.amor-fati-productions.de/en/midnight-odyssey-funerals-from-the-astral-sphere-3-lp-coloured Black variant: https://shop.amor-fati-productions.de/en/midnight-odyssey-funerals-from-the-astral-spheres-3-lp-black
  9. I was really hoping that the Moonsorrow boxsets were going to be a bit cheaper considering the $85.00 shipping charge from Finland. I was able to snag a Beyond Creation Swirl variant and a Serdce Splatter variant. Honestly, I was underwhelmed at the selection from this round of warehouse raids. I had hopes of snagging some Xanthochroid, Astronoid, or some Öxxö Xööx this round. The label did mention that are 1 or 2 more rounds are in the future.
  10. First time vinyl issues for Tartaros - The Red Jewel and The Grand Psychotic Castle released together in gatefold packaging. The compilation is being released in a red variant and standard black. Season of Mist states that copies are limited but does not disclose the limitation in their shop. https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Tartaros
  11. Killer preview but of course its Profound Lore and will probably be sold out within an hour of preorders going live.
  12. I checked out the preview a bit ago and as always The Artisan Era delivers some of the best tech-death sounds out there. I was able to snag one of the Insidious variants before they sold out! I can't wait for it to arrive!
  13. The new Sargeist album "Unbound" has finally been released on vinyl through World Terror Committee! Red pressings still available! https://w-t-c.web-republic.de/store/product_info.php?products_id=8796&MODsid=f6a3779a4e0522d370f7b0d658d7c4f4
  14. So for those that ordered from jpc.de and selected the inner sleeves as the free gift, you are telling me that they sent these out ahead of time? I ordered all 5 albums from them on August 16th and still haven't received the sleeves (I live in the US). I also have not been charged for the order yet.