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  1. We'll pick one mate because you're acting like both. Maybe white knight is a better fit for you? Seriously though kys.
  2. To be fair though, dumb sluts have it coming to them... Dont you worry about it snowflake, you continue being an incel and we'll fuck up and use all the fragile bitches that you're missing out on.
  3. Sorry your dad thought your mom was a punchbag, he should have done the honourable thing and just got her killed by an undercover cop...
  4. Thanks for that elaborate reply...so is your jimmies rustled or is your autism playing up again?
  5. Read my first response to this thread and then see the unrelated triggered cuckboi comments that followed... Just giving the Asking Alexandria fans the bait they expect.
  6. Oh no, are you TL's kid or why you give a fuck if he kills his wife or not... Calm down snowflake.
  7. Cool, next time contribute to the thread rather than being a whiny bitch.
  8. "Abuser" lol Dude was kind enough to cut out all the domestic shit and just have her killed... Seriously though, every band you loved has fucked a 15 year old, raped a groupie or beat their girlfriends...bin your whole collection or give up the moral crusade.
  9. Any more details on who's pressing this and editions being pressed? Have it preordered at Amazon UK but it's a generic non descript listing so fuck knows what edition they are selling.
  10. How they are shipping it for free at that price is mental. I know free shipping is their thing but they must be making no profit on this stock. Awesome deal for guys in US.
  11. Best UK price I've found is £40 so US should be selling around $50-52. 4LPs though so shipping ain't going to be cheap either.
  12. Amazon UK £48.29 MOV link MOV previously released Degredation Trip on green vinyl back in January 2017, looks like I'm going to be basically buying it again just for the sessions from volume 2.