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  1. Womp. No austin dates. Definitely not driving to Dallas. San Antonio would’ve been a go
  2. Think we’ll get gray chapter on color? The black is still fairly easy to get ahold of. But the green and gray marble are up there.
  3. I wouldn’t go bullmoose either. They’ve proven unreliable multiple times for me on preorders. Including the S/T that just came out.
  4. Up on revolver. Don’t know if anyone wants to make a new thread or edit this one to include. https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/slipknot-all-hope-is-gone-lp-orange-vinyl?
  5. I’m kind of with you; espcially with how hard these have been to get previously. However, I’m more of a ln old man scene kid at this point, so I never paid a whole lot of attention to Slipknot at first, because of the gimmicky nature of the band. Subliminal verses was the one that got me into them with the more dynamic songs with actual singing etc. which is the complete opposite of my younger self, but that’s the one that got me into them. So a few of the songs on the albums after that I’ve liked, including AHIG. I went ahead and bought the earlier albums, because of their previous scarcity. Stupid collector shit. Might as well get them all if I’m getting one.
  6. European links are showing up. US is sure to follow in the next few days. https://www.fnac.com/a17032898/Slipknot-All-Hope-Is-Gone-Edition-Limitee-Vinyle-Orange-Vinyle-album
  7. Left and leaving is now available from smartpunk. /300 https://smartpunkshop.com/products/the-weakerthans-left-and-leaving-smartpunk-exclusive
  8. Welp, I’m officially done with bullmoose. They just cancelled my Order of this that I preorder immediately after it was available. This is the third preorder of mine they’ve cancelled. The other two I was never able to replace. So no more.
  9. I'd really love S/t, but ...ATRWF was probably my favorite post DBL. "Something we can't be" is still top 10 songs from them for me.
  10. Honestly, I'd really love The Uriah Omen Ep on 10". I still listen to it regularly

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