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  1. https://shop.postmalone.com/ Digital delivered Sept 6. Says vinyl is expected to ship in 16 weeks.
  2. Basically. Pretty disappointing. Good thing I have the first release. That one still looks great
  3. Just figured how to add them. They’re in the Next comment..
  4. Got the notification that it was delivered today. Gonna go pick it up in 30
  5. I know there was some thing where Brandon Ebel sold off the old t&n stuff, but then got some of it back? There’s a full podcast dedicated to t&n / ss called Labeled where they’ve talked about a bunch of that.
  6. I wouldn’t think 91025 would be included. Tribunal has the rights to that one. Schuyler said they’re working with t&n to get the others.
  7. Ok, it’s official. They’re working on pressing the back catalog.
  8. About time! I think I got one of the red ones as well from some European retailer that would actually ship here.
  9. Green Splatter vinyl and other various bundles: https://killswitchengage.merchcentral.com/ Metal Blade has a black vinyl as well: https://metalblade.com/killswitchengage/
  10. Back up for sale again. I had to pay $9.65 for shipping...
  11. I should see them later this week. Ill ask again