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  1. I really like the new song but it is def a change from what we have grown to know from them. Which is fine. Ordered the 2 colored variants I could.
  2. If anyone comes across any of the other variants on other sites post here as I will try to get a few others of these .
  3. Man I love this band . Ordered the pinwheel splatter but will get a few more variants later .
  4. Cool will check back and I know I am not the only one holding off right now due to the shipping price.
  5. Holy mother of god shipping is 21 dollars so I had to pass as I went to check out but when the shipping is the cost to mail 50 records ( as I literally just mailed 53 records together in a box and it cost 21.33 media mail ) I have to say no. If there is a media mail option added later I would grab it with a quickness for sure.
  6. Yeah I missed scene letter letting everyone know we couldn't like them anymore LOL . Never loved them but they are nice to listen to a couple times a week especially Deja and Devil and God .
  7. Same here . I got a bunch of other stuff on Merchnow a few days ago on huge sale but missed these and glad I came back to this thread as I would of totally missed getting those first 2 albums by Attack Attack for 11-12 dollars each .
  8. yep took advantage of this for 5 records and probably will get a few more on friday .
  9. Got this album at Hottopic years ago not knowing what the hell it was just knowing it looked cool and was 5 dollars and I wasn't wrong . Love this and now own a few variants and will be ordering 2 more tomorrow .
  10. Damn will have to hunt one of those yellows down . Hopefully someplace like Banquet gets them in . Kings road EU said my 3 colored represses shipped today.
  11. Yep I got to the stuff about 2 minutes after their fb post was able to grab everything I wanted. You gotta be quick!
  12. Yeah they put up so many color records today along with tour presses I had to drop bill or 2 at fat today. Got the swingin utters most recent tour press , the face to face acoustic tour press , the sick of it all tour press/ fat store press ( same thing ) and 4-5 of the comps I still needed. They do this a few times a year .
  13. OH I have zero doubt this will sell and sell good . Tons of crazy fans with money to spend. Not I , though if I was at all rich I would do this for sure just to have the experience of seeing them and the other bands on a cruise . Would be interesting IMO .
  14. I would never judge him for addiction , depression or anything like that but man his music was just awful. For most part if your face is tattooed you make horrible music . Just something I have found to be true. LOL . I don't really mean that totally seriously but it has a lot of merit.
  15. Yeah this have been up for about a month now . Surprised any are still left.
  16. WTF ? That sounds made up but having dealt with Fedex I know . One time I wasn't home and it took a while to track my hottopic package ( this was when they had great vinyl ) but it turned out my package was at Walgreens near my house . Why ? I have no idea.
  17. All I know is bullmoose who I ordered it from said it was cancelled indefinetly in terms of SRC saying they could ever get them copies so am assuming it is never happening . Why I order SRC releases from bullmoose - I am not charged til it actually ships .