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  1. Sight_Sound_Stuff

    Iron Maiden Reissues!

    Thanks very much for the insight; glad to have confirmation! I've heard the issue is the 80' catalogue for these remastered releases were mastered from the 1998 CD remaster, but that could well be wrong...I'm certainly going to steer clear of them as I've heard nothing but poor feedback.
  2. Sight_Sound_Stuff

    Iron Maiden Reissues!

    Many thanks!!
  3. Sight_Sound_Stuff

    Iron Maiden Reissues!

    Hey there guys, bit of a thread revival! Really glad to hear the pressings of the "more recent" albums are great, however has anyone experience with the reissues of the 80's catalogue? Would anyone be able to draw comparison to the original pressings? I've read on various corners of the internet they don't have the same energy or depth as the originals, namely Powerslave and Seventh Son; my collection would primarily be focused on obtaining pressings from back in the day but in a bid to support such a great band I'd like to throw them money (*more money beyond tickets and tees over the years) and get a great experience from a reissue. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  4. Sight_Sound_Stuff

    How did you find Vinyl Collective?

    Google! While looking for a vinyl enthusiast's community forum...looks like I'm in the right place!