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  1. So bizarre. Nothing. No way of searching or sorting brings it up. Not on laptop, mobile web, or app. Very strange! Still, glad I got it! EDIT: Now it finally does.
  2. Holy shit. That's unexpected. And VERY welcome. Thanks for the heads up! Interesting that it's slightly discounted right out of the date. If it's truly a VMP exclusive, I'd expect it will sell out very quickly. Or perhaps it's not "limited". But yea, still waiting for When The Pawn....
  3. Need to know more about When The Pawn. This needs to happen. I’d rejoin for that.
  4. Keep your eye on it on Amazon. It's literally dropping in price daily. It's down to about $68 now.....
  5. They also have an exclusive-to-Walmart 2 LP version of the Stevie Nicks Stand Back box set too if that’s of interest to you.
  6. Haha touchè. I don’t know why i want it. When I discover that something is rare or goes for big bucks on eBay I kind of become obsessed with it.
  7. I saw this on eBay a few days ago and assumed it was a bootleg. But then today stumbled across it on Walmart.com. There is LITERALLY not one thing about it anywhere online that I can find (such an announcement, press release, etc). This is a highly sought after title on eBay. It's listed as being sold and shipped by Walmart (not a third party vendor). https://www.walmart.com/ip/Cross-Road-Walmart-Exclusive-Vinyl/723124873 Can I assume this is legit? I ordered it regardless, lest it get sold out (not the biggest Bon Jovi fan, but would love to have this in my collection).
  8. I'm not much of a Britney Spears fan, but I *am* a vinyl collector and I think these UO colored exclusives of LP's that have never been released on vinyl before are DEFINITELY worth the investment. That said, based on the timetable of the past ones, I was surprised to see Circus surface so quickly after In The Zone and Blackout. Glad I happened to be perusing the website and stumbled across it. This makes me wonder if Femme Fatale and Britney Jean could be far behind. I wish I had some kind of alert to let me know when they come out, as I missed the colored versions of ITZ and Blackout and had
  9. First time poster here. Same thing happened to me with the same album! WTF? And usually I can't believe how many trees they kill to ship me one album. I've never had an issue before. The corners are banged to hell. First I was just gonna deal with it but then I was like "f**k this," and called them and asked for a replacement. They asked me to return the original one and I was like "and pack it in what?" She said "just affix the return label to it it and send it back the way you got it". I mean come on. I'll just wait til I get the new one and return the old one in that packaging...

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