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  1. Not for me, but looking to gift a copy. who’s got one?
  2. We moved into a new house last August and the en suite has one of those shower stalls with a glass door... you know the kind. Tonight I let one go in it. A really good one. The sound bounced off of the 3 walls and the glass door as if it was a song sung by 100 angels. God bless.
  3. Hey all. First time on the boards in a long time, but I thought I’d post these here before heading to Discogs. Ive got a full set (7 records in total) of the Hot Water Music “Live in Chicago” set. 6x7” (#’s 1-6) and 1x6” (#6). Ive spent a lot of $ on these, so not looking to give them away. PM me offers.
  4. Grabbed the splatter. First time on the boards in months and months, and first record I've bought in a loooooooooong time
  5. Thanks for all the well wishes! I can't believe Ada is almost 7 weeks old already!! Congrats dude! Elliott was the boy name we had picked out! Are you a False Cathedrals fan? I've really stopped buying records, mostly due to the shitty exchange rate and shipping charges, but there's been many a night that Ada and I have "danced" (me holding her and dancing/swaying) to some of my favourites in my collection.
  6. So, update. We had our baby! Ada was born Feb 11 at 3:10pm, and 3 and a 1/2 weeks early. She's totally awesome. Though I'd share a few pics: About an hour old: Today after her bath: Yesterday with my mom:
  7. Received delivery notification yesterday (ordered through Amazon.ca)
  8. Throwing this out there. I have 3 tickets for the Thursday Toronto show. If anyone got Friday tickets and would like to trade for the Thursday show, shoot me a pm.
  9. I'm planning a party. Let me know if you guys want an invite.
  10. Would really like to pull the trigger on NUFAN but with the terrible exchange rate and shipping I'd be spending roughly $60. Can't justify it.
  11. Thanks! Sent an e-mail to the FF store. Hoping they'll cancel it because $23Us shipping is balls.
  12. Great EP. Ordered from FF.com...shipping alone to Canada was $23US, meaning I paid about $40CAD for this release. Thank you to the person who bought a shitty 7" from me on Discogs yesterday and Paypal funds I didn't know I had. Otherwise, I would have been looking for this one in stores.