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  1. I'd take $50 ppd for all but the Waltz/Moonraker record.
  2. My Paypal account is overdrawn and I need about $15 to get it back into the +++ side. I know most of this isn't exciting but it's what I have in my junk/doubles box and it's pretty cheap. If you see anything you like, get in touch. 7" Black Fork - S/T (Zafio) $1 Black Fork - Quality Job One (Binarcular) $1 Chino Horde - This is Done (Council) $5 Dive - S/T (Figure Four) $1 End of the Century Party/Palatka (self) $3 G Whiz/Six (Medical) $1 Hell No - Superstar Chop (X-Mist/Wardance) $3 Jihad - New Testament (Makoto) $3 Lexingtons/Habituals (self) both are pre-Grabass Charlestons $1 Murder Weapon - Our Feet Are Planted on Enemy Soil (Kill Frank Lentini) pre-Index For Potential Suicide $3 My Lai - 3.16.68 (Divot) $3 Ordination of Aaron - Eli (Bloodlink) $3 Oxes - Half Half and Half (Monitor) $3 Rainer Maria - New York 1955 (Polyvinyl) #647 $1 Red Scare/True North (Sound Virus) $2 Reflector - Blue Skies on the Table (Paper Brigade) $1 Scarlet Letter - In a Minute (Hater of God) $1 Shadows and the Silence/Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead (Heart in a Box) $2 Slap of Reality - Stuck Inside (Vinyl Communications) $1 Strikeforce Diablo/Twelve Hour Turn (Push Pull) $3 Turn Around Norman/Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead (Nice Transportation) $2 Unbroken - Circa 77 (Three One G) clear $5 Waltz/Moonraker (self) red $15 You and I - The First Seven Inch (Track Star) $3 V/A - Chicago Hardcore Compilation (CS) Los Crudos etc $4 V/A - Counter Culture (Coalition) The Swarm etc $1 V/A - Mandatory Marathon (Amendment) Capitalist Casualties, Charles Bronson, Palatka etc $3 V/A - Second Hand Citizen Vol 1 (Second Hand Citizen) Ink and Dagger etc $3 CD (on a vinyl collector's board, whaaa???) $1 each for most of these or make an offer: Asshole Parade - Student Ghetto Violence (No Idea) Avail - Dixie (Lookout) Bright Eyes - Take it Easy EP (Saddle Creek) Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology 2xCD (Jade Tree) Casket Lottery - Possiblies and Maybes (Second Nature) Cerberus Shoal - Chaiming the Knobless One (North East Indie) De La Hoya - Has No Credibility EP (BD/Rok Lok) I Robot - Et Cetera (Immigrant Sun) Mid Carson July - Wound Up Down South (Rosepetal) Pixies - Trompe Le Monde (Elektra) Reggie and the Full Effect - Greatest Hits 84-87 (Second Nature) REM - Document (IRS) Saves the Day - Can't Slow Down (Equal Vision) Sonic Youth - Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star (DGC) Three Mile Pilot - Na Vucca Do Lupu (Headhunter/Cargo) The VSS - 21:51 (GSL) Waifle - And the Blood Will Come Down Like a Curtain EP (Magic Bullet) If you're worried that I'm not a reliable dude since I rarely post here, don't be. I did a bit of trading on Viva la Vinyl back in the day and Skylab Commerce before that. Been selling on ebay for 12 years. Given that my Paypal account's current status is the reason I'm posting this, I prefer Paypal but whatever, I just want to get rid of it all.
  3. selling about 100 records on ebay, many of the straight edge persuasion. Lots from the past few years but quite a few from the early 90s: http://shop.ebay.com/prariedogarchery/m.html 97a Amenity (red) Anton Bordman Atari (gold) Better Than a Thousand (US) Better Than a Thousand (Germany) Better Than a Thousand (Japan) Bitter End (red/black preorder) Borderline Breaker Breaker (red) Brothers Keeper Candle Caught Up (green) Ceremony (yellow) Champion/Betrayed (clear) Collapse Countervail Crucial Attack (#/200) Devoid of Faith (red) Die Young (clear) Die Young/7 Generations (orange) Die Young/7 Generation (yellow/white) Die Young/Invade (white, preorder #/50) Digression Down to Nothing (green) Edgewise Empire Falls (test) Endeavor Ensign (green) Ensign/Fig 4.0 Eye For an Eye Focal Point (blue) Good Clean Fun Groundwork Hands Tied Harvest Hold Fast (yellow) Hold Fast (tour #/50) Holy Mountain In My Eyes (blue) Intent (blue) Kodiak Lava (purple) Let Down (gray #/50) Let Down (purple) Lifetime Limp Wrist LMF/Lie and Wait (green, tour #/150) Mainstrike (reunion #/100) Mean Season Monster X (gray) Mouthpiece On My Side (clear, tour #/70) On My Side (test #/20) Outbreak (yellow/black) Outburst (blue reissue) Outspoken Rad Rain on the Parade (yellow) Rain on the Parade (red) Refuse to Fall Ressurection (3 different ones) Right On (clear, #/150) Some Kind of Hate (/300) Statue (white) Strife Thieves and Assassins (orange/black) Total Fury/Jury (gray #/500) Unbroken (4 different ones) Unbroken/Groundwork Unbroken/Struggle Up Front (3 different ones) VSS/Rye Coalition Wrecking Crew Young Pioneers Yuckmouth (green) V/A - Albany Style Hardcore 1999 V/A - Growing Stronger V/A - What Still Holds True (green) V/A - Words to Live By Words to Die For yes some of it's good and some of it's crap. all ending today thank you everyone
  4. http://shop.ebay.com/prariedogarchery/m.html new stuff ending soon (like 1 to 4 hours from now): Nakatomi Plaza/Latterman, The Exploder, Farside, Tunes for Bears to Dance To, Life at These Speeds/Sinaloa, Shook Ones, Twelve Hour Turn first 7", plus all the stuff that didn't sell last time. 75 auctions in total. Check out those Prince tapes. Sweet.
  5. http://shop.ebay.com/prariedogarchery/m.html 71 auctions, mostly vinyl. Milemarker CD, Boys Life CD, Crankshaft 7" (No Idea #4), Goodbye Blue Monday/Across Five Aprils, Physics (mems of Pinback), Chamberlain, Jihad, None Left Standing, Squirtgun, Halo Perfecto LP, giant box of 70 mediocre 7"s, and 60 other auctions (mostly 7"s). Ending between 2 and 5 hours from this post. I have too many records and don't want to move these to my new place.
  6. also, you could theoretically push the band as pre-Kesha instead of ex-The Actual since Max was/is playing bass for Kesha's live shows
  7. wow. Any idea if there will be any differences between the older pressings and the upcoming press? I happen to know both these albums were technically "out of print" 10 years ago, even though Jeff at Crank had a small stockpile of them that he would sometimes provide to select distros and friends, but they weren't available through mailorder.
  8. going through all 56 pages might be the best 2 hours I've ever spent on the internet
  9. when I lived in CA: In n Out now that I'm in TX: Chick Fil A/Sonic
  10. that Atari game went for over $31k http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110514343174&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT