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  1. I looked into the Budgie and it seems really great. Although, it's no longer made and only occasionally pop up on the bay. Any other comparable suggestions? Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks Mikeburns, This is great info. Do you have any recommendations as to an integrated that might pair nicely or be suitable (roughly speaking). It will take a while for the funds but I enjoy the research so a general direction to start in would be great. Thanks again!
  3. I currently have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon running through a Marantz 2220b receiver and finally Monitor Audio Silver 1 speakers. My question is: is there a need for a pre-amp to get a better sound or should I stick with the Marantz phono line. Also, if I wanted to hook up a pre-amp what input would I use? (Aux, tape 1/2, phono). I do have a Pro-ject pre-amp I used with my last TT and wouldn't mind experimenting with what that sounds like. Thanks for the input and excuse me if I just don't know what I'm talking about.. haha -Tulsa
  4. Thanks... I guess? I do understand the small effect an amp will have though I honestly feel like the Marantz sounds so much better than my $189 Sony with no phono input purchased at best buy two years ago (used a Pro-Ject phono pre-amp). I feel most in the know would also say so upon listening. Though, my ears might not be as astute as yours....
  5. I recently upgraded from a newer Sony receiver (STR-DH130) to an early 1970s Marantz 2220b at the recommendation of my dad ( he had a 2270 in the 70s) and I couldn't be happier. I had hoped for a better sound with my Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC and Bose cube speakers and AM-500 sub but I was honestly blown away. The Sony just seems CHEAP in comparison; I can't believe the difference. Even the radio sounds amazing. This is no small feat as I live in the Rockies and good radio is unusual. I can hear details that didn't exist before and the sub has really come into its own. It always lacked with the Sony but now is more than ample. On more bass-heavy tracks/albums I often have to turn it down. I will say that the highs can be a bit harsh at times and a re-cap may be in order. Though, I'm no expert and would be open to ideas. It also needs at least one new bulb. Can't wait to get it back to its original glory. I was looking to upgrade my speakers soon so if anyone has any suggestions on something that would pair well it would be much appreciated. I feel super good about my craigslist purchase - it also just looks great with those cool blue lights.
  6. That makes sense to me, good point. Let me ask this then... In the $300-$400 range, what are some speakers I should look into? Or ones I should keep an eye out for at a discounted price?
  7. Awesome, that does seem hard to beat the Wharfedale 10.1's... definitely affordable. Thanks for the input! There is just so much info out there it's hard to filter it down without some personal input. Much appreciated.
  8. Oh man... I guess I'll say $300-$400; though if need be I could probably go up to 5 but that would be a max budget for me. Hope that helps. Thanks!
  9. I'll get right to it, I've been collecting records for since I was a teenager (15+ years) and I recently upgraded from my old Dual 1225 turntable to a new Pro-Ject Carbon Debut DC. I've always used an old pair (early 2000's) of Bose cube speakers because they were small (and I already owned them) and a Bose Acoustimass AM-500 subwoofer. This runs through a newer Sony receiver and a Pro-ject phono pre-amp that I purchased when I got the Dual 1225. The TT sets on a record cabinet/TT shelf that was my grandmothers made of walnut (it has been leveled). Anyway, I know that there is a better sound I can get and I'd like to know where to go first. I'm not trying to spend a ton of money... it's a hobby. I was thinking new speakers and if so what is a good choice? If there is a better option as to what I should upgrade first I'm all ears. Also, all the cables are standard generic with the exception of what came with the Pro-Ject TT. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!