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  1. Show me what ya got! Thanks. Looking for a little bit of everything
  2. Looking for just one copy of each release. Thank you!
  3. Anyone decide they don’t want theirs please let me know.
  4. Due to work I have missed both of these order dates. Been waiting years on this. If anyone has a extra copy please hit me up
  5. Between Ditko and Stan this year it’s rough. My whole childhood and biggest role models both gone. Not to Mention Kirby, everyone from original ASM run is gone
  6. As a long time Comic Collector and huge Spidey fan. Today’s loss comes as a huge sad event. All the stories all the work this man gave us for so long will forever be cherished If you have any collections post below!
  7. Idk man. I like punk stuff it’s always fun. But most of my go to bands and have been for years is... The Promise Ring Jets To Brazil Hum The Jazz June Mineral Brandtson Pedro The Lion Kind of Like Spitting Lifetime Christie Front Drive maybe see if any of those tickle your fancy