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  1. Never thought this day could come! Can't pass up this one.
  2. Tomb Raider (2013), finished that and rolled right into Rise Of The Tomb Raider. Somehow those games flew in under my radar when new but they are wicked good! And with the Steam sale going right now on I'll be stocking up for quite some time.
  3. Damn! OOS now but ordered anyways.
  4. Haven't had a chance to do anything with it other than open it but the 2LP 45rpm Aural Pleasures kickstarter release for this arrived today. Packaging is full beast mode. Haven't seen a jacket that thick in a long time, just all around very well made. The bonus slipmat looks great too, glow in the dark ink was a nice touch! Here's the kickstarter page for those wondering: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/howlinwolf/king-gizzard-andthe-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland
  5. Found a Technics SL-1200 mk2 by the side of the road awaiting transportation to the dump earlier this week. It came with a Ortofon OM20 with a beyond whooped stylus. but everything works! Still need to spend more time with it to ensure everything is good to go. Already was a Technics guy, been daily driving a SL-1200 mk5 for about 10 years now, but always wanted a mk2. As of now all I did was pop the levels off, which one took off some paint , wiped the nasty layer of grime off and swapped the cart out to a older one I had lying around.
  6. Dillhole

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Those the Foremost cubes? Been using those for about 10 years now. While not the prettiest they really get the job done well.
  7. Dillhole

    The Concert Thread

    Ah I forgot they are on the bill. Saw them so many times in the early 00's since they are more or less a local band and were always around playing shows. Will be fun to catch them again, Warped 2006 being the last time I saw them.
  8. Dillhole

    The Concert Thread

    This years been slow but pretty good. February 24th - Doyle February 25th - Less Than Jake / Direct Hit / Four Year Strong Upcoming: August 3rd - Descendents August 12th - 311/Offspring October 13th - Doyle Missed Bouncing Souls / Iron Reagan last week.
  9. Gaming PC died a few months ago and due to the stupid GPU prices thanks to cryptominers I had to just suck it up and use my 8 year old Macbook, one person can only replay Half Life and Duke Nukem so many times before going insane. GPU prices finally got close to normalcy, so I said fuck it and rebuilt the rig this week and can finally dive into games I couldn't run on the old system. So the last few days I've been playing Shadow Warrior 2 and enjoying the hell out of it. Loved the first but I may actually like this one more.
  10. The Aural Pleasure Records version should begin shipping soon per today's update. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/howlinwolf/king-gizzard-andthe-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland/posts/2191217?ref=backer_project_update
  11. In for Weezer! Never owned it on vinyl. Just got my old CD copy I found laying on the street damn near 20 years ago, complete and in shockingly good condition.
  12. Pumped for this! In for the US pink version.
  13. Big update on the Aural Pleasure Records pressing. Too much to copy and paste, it's a big post. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/howlinwolf/king-gizzard-andthe-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland/posts/2107826
  14. Amazon works in mysterious ways. That suckers been all over the place. I got it on the 6th of Jan for $28 which at the time was a great price.
  15. Dillhole

    PO: THE SWORD - Used Future

    One song up