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  1. Yea, it was packaged properly just somewhere along the line it got bent. Shockingly it didn't break the record but the warp is so bad it has a crease along the fold. They're sending a replacement.
  2. Woa! That's a pleasant surprise! Knew they were working on music just wasn't expecting a pre-order already. Totally in for that one.
  3. I'm so ready for new King Giz!! The 2 tracks so far are both bangers!
  4. Grabbed a blue. Love the video with Kyle!
  5. Ratboy / Masked Intruder / Interrupters last night. And it was awesome!
  6. Well looks like I'm off to email Fat. Same issue as the above users. Edit: Yep they got back to me in about 20 minutes with a download link.
  7. Last ordered I placed through them was the 88 Fingers Louie reissue and that went perfectly fine. Been avoiding them the last few months from all the issues I keep hearing about. They were my go-to for like a decade, and only being a few states away from their warehouse I'd always get shit within 2 days. Amazon has kind of taken over the thrown thanks to the prime deals.
  8. Been waiting for a repress of Life Sex & Death - The Silent Majority since forever. Has only one German pressing from 1992.
  9. Little taste of what's on it... I have a pre-order for it over at Amazon from back in early January but it's no longer for sale there either.
  10. Has anyone been able to get the download card to work? I check every couple days but keep getting greeted with: "There aren't any tracks available at this time. Please check back soon."
  11. 2 for 2 indeed!! I got a real good feeling about this album!
  12. Oh shit totally missed this thread. Grabbed a green.