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  1. Enjoy continuing to live a miserable life. I recommend you deal with your personal shit before you displace on others. Dont you love proof? Good luck to whomever loves you. Peace the fuck out
  2. Why don't you view image of our message correspondence- http://tinypic.com/r/wswvo0/9
  3. Real nice. Why don't you check your inbox again? I replied to you four hours after your initial message.
  4. Thank you for the update and info. I think I'll wait out on both. I purchased the Loro 7" as is my favorite song on the s/t album and will enjoy that while I keep my eyes out. Glad to hear you purchased both at decent prices. :D
  5. Hi looking to purchase Pinback's s/t album in vinyl. Anyone have for sale? Thanks!
  6. Anyone on this thread have an extra BSL or Pinback S/T vinyl laying around not asking a crazy price for? Would love to add to my newly developing collection. Keeping my finger crossed! Thank you!