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  1. My website https://www.rootsvinylguide.com is also a great source to discover past record sales on eBay, in my unbiased opinion ;).
  2. Tidal Wave: Not sure I understand.. could you provide some more information?
  3. Tidal Wave: Maybe eBay is dead in some conceptual sense.. but the vinyl sales would suggest otherwise :).
  4. Greetings Vinyl Masses! I wanted to make a personal pitch for my website rootsvinylguide.com. Roots Vinyl Guide is yet another Vinyl Record price guide (probably most similar to Collector's Frenzy). I've solely owned and operated this website for the last 9 years as a hobby. For some years, it's remained dormant. The good news is that the auction tracking is entirely automated, so the content stayed fresh without any manual interventions. However, I've recently made some infrastructure and some minor user facing changes to help move the site forward. Although it began as a tracker of only Reggae/Ska records, it has tracked all vinyl sales on eBay for many years. It currently has tracked over 17 Million auctions. As we have seen with Collectors Frenzy, the infrastructure and maintenance costs really start to grow and add up over time. I've had to replatform the various components of the applications a number of times over the years. Although I operate at a loss, I plan to keep the website alive for as long as I am able. I much appreciate your support and feedback on the website. I hope that some of you find this to be a useful tool to augment your record digging habits :). -- Will