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  1. came to post that I need one of these to be Audioboxer.
  2. I'll echo the Landscape Tantrums. I was surprised at how good it sounds! Think I got it for like $20
  3. uDiscover is having a 25% sitewide sale. code SUMMER2022. Free shipping, no minimum. https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/
  4. They cancelled mine due to a stock issue 🤷‍♂️
  5. Both are up on Amazon. $34.98. Most likely will drop by release date. I have the MOV Yellow S/T but in for the Greatest Hits for the slow motion vocal.
  6. 2 left! https://www.shugarecords.com/products/queenstudiocollection-newvinylall15studioalbumson18heavyweight180gramlpscolouredvinyl108pagebook code: Shuga10 $395 shipped. 😉. Lowest ever on Amazon was $325+tax.
  7. Pedestrian Verse $32 from popmarket. Mine came today. Free shipping. https://www.popmarket.com/pedestrian-verse/190296350542
  8. Just got my "replacement" (for the pressing issue on the beginning of each side) for the replacement of the replacement of De-loused and it's worse than the original one VMP sent me back in July. 🤷‍♂️ Curious to know what the rest of the discography from GZ VMP will sound like
  9. the best way is to buy pushpins and decorate your walls with your records and throw the sleeves away.
  10. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/17439409?ships_from=United+States $40 on discogs. Probably as cheap as you'll find it. I think I paid $35 shipped from HMV when it came out. I have purchased from GoVinylGo in the past and packing, etc. was first class.
  11. Check here at 8pm EST. 12 remain. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/search?type=product&options[prefix]=last&q=from+first+to+last
  12. omits some good ones, adds some good ones 🤷‍♂️ I just bought both.
  13. fwiw, I didn't know the Target version has a different/altered tracklist from the retail black version until it arrived - it also is a standard gloss jacket, different gatefold photos and standard weight, whereas the retail black is matte with gloss on the glasses, 180g. Stayed away from the box due to the dialogue tracks. Spine on Target reads 'deluxe edition', which is omitted from the retail spine.
  14. I'd rather not pay $119 plus tax for 3 LPs I already have or can get for $80, but you do you.