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  1. Nope! Just don’t appreciate smartass comments like yours.
  2. Please don’t reply with unnecessary comments. If you can help me, that’s greatly appreciated. If you can’t, there’s no need for extra comments. Thanks again.
  3. I was gonna throw on my Billie Holiday record but when I opened my turntable, I noticed a white film or substance was pooled around the turntable shaft. It had no scent and it was greasy to the touch. I don’t know what it is and I can’t find anything on it. I don’t really wanna play my records because I don’t wanna get any gunk on the records. I have a Victrola Bluetooth Turntable. The model is VSC-550BT. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. I’m quite new to the hobby as I’m sure you can tell. Thanks for your time.