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  1. it's a nice tool, ability to sort by price and maybe filter sources would be useful!
  2. FYI the amazon UK link when buying/shipping to the US removes sales tax and is just 3 GBP for shipping. 18 GBP total.
  3. sigur ros store was a nightmare. i ordered variations about 3 months ago from their store and it was delivered last week. no updates sent. when i emailed them asking for an update, they said they were moving their warehouse or something and it resulted in delays.
  4. What I have so far on my top 2019 playlist (no particular order): Hailaker - s/t Mono - Nowhere Now Here PILLARS - Cavum Minor Movements - Bloom Fontaines - Dogrel German Error Message - Mend Twilight Sad - IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME The End of The Ocean - -aire Talos - Far Out Dust
  5. damn, didn't know about this. this is something i'd be interested in if more spots open! i'm a sucker for a club mystery box!
  6. Polyvinyl is great for a sale every now and then. Picked a "Surprise Me" 3x LP package. 3 records for $15 + shipping.
  7. for people shipping in bulk you can get the price down to like $2.75 using media mail and a stamps.com subscription. same for those shipping one or two items with their 7-day free trial.
  8. might be missing something here but it looks like these pressings are available on discogs for $12 and $15 respectively.
  9. Their online store looks to be a bit of a mess, but these just recently appeared: https://store-us.sigurros.com/22-lunar-halo.html https://store-us.sigurros.com/variations-on-darkness.html
  10. the one shouty part of The Pull of You saves that song IMO, it's also one of the only parts of the album that has that burst of energy the band is known for
  11. At least give some tracks another try, I'm finding as i listen back to them on recommendation from this thread, i'm finding more and more i like. quiet light oblivions the pull of you i am easy to find hairpin turns light years arguably an album with 6 great tracks is a decent album in anybody's (but the national, i guess) catalog.