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  1. for people shipping in bulk you can get the price down to like $2.75 using media mail and a stamps.com subscription. same for those shipping one or two items with their 7-day free trial.
  2. might be missing something here but it looks like these pressings are available on discogs for $12 and $15 respectively.
  3. Their online store looks to be a bit of a mess, but these just recently appeared: https://store-us.sigurros.com/22-lunar-halo.html https://store-us.sigurros.com/variations-on-darkness.html
  4. the one shouty part of The Pull of You saves that song IMO, it's also one of the only parts of the album that has that burst of energy the band is known for
  5. At least give some tracks another try, I'm finding as i listen back to them on recommendation from this thread, i'm finding more and more i like. quiet light oblivions the pull of you i am easy to find hairpin turns light years arguably an album with 6 great tracks is a decent album in anybody's (but the national, i guess) catalog.
  6. still 85-ish (black), 321-ish (gold-splatter) and 94-ish (galaxy) left at https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/russian-circles/products/blood-year-12-vinyl?variant=28253328539720 i'm cheap and i refuse to pay $6.50 for media mail, so i'll pick up a copy at their upcoming NY show
  7. that makes sense that you would bump the introductory albums or albums that reeled you in towards the top. musically, 2002-2006 was the most formative time of my life (college years) so i definitely have alligator/boxer at the top of mine. it's crazy thinking back to what seeing the national was like back then (in ireland) before they absolutely blew up.
  8. $20 for single LP, $25 for 2xLP, had a bunch of generic band shirts as well as specific album shirts (nowhere now here, and requiem for hell) had a bunch of LPs too, you are there, hymn (earlier release), last dawn/rays of darkness, (don't recall seeing requiem) and nowhere now here. edit: i should also say that the show was incredible. my first time seeing them live. they have this extra gear they reach in terms of noise. it's like you think they're playing loud, and then they take it up a notch out of nowhere. it's incredible.
  9. no sign of the anniversary edition of hymn at the NYC show i did pick up the purple/blood moon variant of nowhere now here though. ps. sorry if i shushed* any of you guys, but if i did you deserved it. *by shushed i mean told to shut the f* up
  10. i agree with the guys saying that the "interlude" tracks are kind of a waste of time. they may work in the context of the short film, but not on the album release. i kinda like the chorus of Not in Kansas but Oblivions, IAETF and Light Years are definitely the albums strong points IMO
  11. if we're doing this, boxer alligator sad songs <cherry tree vol 1 live album collection would go here> virginia ep cherry tree twfm hv swb
  12. listening for the first time right now, just got goosebumps when that piano comes in for the first time in oblivions. that is as "typical" a national song as you'll find. side a is very good in my opinion.