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  1. Just FYI - the bands manager is active on the mewithoutYou subreddit and has addressed the wait. Lurk that sub for info. Sounds like they’re having troubles with quality control and they want things to be perfect before they send these out.
  2. From a buddy of mine. Honestly don’t know how reliable the info is right now, but there are whispers that this is the project name / beginning of its weird promotion... I really hope it’s real haha.:
  3. Rumor going around that we are getting a Phoebe / Conor Oberst full length LP...
  4. I have had the album for a few weeks now and this album really is amazing. so excited for everyone to hear it. Huge huge step up from LP2.
  5. Hi im new to this forum but i just want to say i love this band so much and i cant wait for my deluxe edition of [Untitled] to come. Anyone else order the big bundle?