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  1. https://mondoshop.com/blogs/news/phenomena-and-dark-glasses-vinyl-on-sale-info?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=campaign&_kx=hwZuI0P17_vjQOlPIeg_YQMySAHFFmCUrQJpFdsTZvs%3D.xQnp3S Ugh damnit this Phenomena looks amazing. Annoyed about the double dipping between Waxworks and Mondo with their basically similar releases, but this one is teasing the three “unreleased” cues (even though I thought Waxworks said the same thing with their release years ago). And it still seems like they’re keeping the bands off of these releases—thankfully I have that OG Creepers OST for that. But yeah, this artwork and variant look killer. Just wish there was more clarity on what these cues are…
  2. https://mondoshop.com/blogs/news/music-weekly-nightmare-city-distro-releases-and-more WOW. So stoked for Nightmare City! I’ve seen the absurd prices the Italian OG press goes for, so this is great news indeed. Also loving the inclusion of the Grace Jones track?! Which btw is totally *not* the theme song and, in fact, is oddly used in the film as music heard over the radio. For years I was wondering how a Grace Jones track showed up in an Italian zombie movie, and it honestly almost sounds like they messed with the pitch/speed in the film. So. Odd. Truly haven’t been this excited about an OST from Death Waltz in a hot minute.
  3. So WW posted on their Twitter today a gif of a frog on a spinning record, and of course my mind immediately went to “hey is it possible that there might be a release of Les Baxter’s bizarre non-musical soundtrack to the infamous 1972 Frogs?”—and the only like I got was from WW themselves! There’s hope yet! Ha. Maybe they could do a double score on a single record a la Scanners/the Brood since there probably isn’t enough material for two sides. Another weird Baxter score hopefully?
  4. I can’t believe I missed that 2 of the 4 LPs were from the Left Behind soundtrack (which I have, embarrassingly, still not played). So I guess that the initial color batch that ships at the end of the year sold out, but there are now preorders for January?
  5. Glad I managed to snag the colored TLOU2–was wondering why this is a two LP set when the original was a 4LP box? Figured there was just as much (if not more) music...
  6. I’ve asked about this on their social media several times, but their mixtape from 2017 (!) had teased the Madman soundtrack. Still, nothing... Has anyone heard anything?