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  1. i just saw that in the pn store this morning and checked it out...this is pretty fucking good...PREORDERED!
  2. grabbed the lavender swirl splatter thing! "Estimated to ship October 5, 2020 and estimated to arrive by October 19, 2020" kinda bums me out but well...
  3. the instagram post says that this is the first song of their upcoming EP that is scheduled for fall....so digital only for now i guess
  4. New Mad Caddies song up on spotify! Keep your eyes open!
  5. oh god i really hope this doesn't become the new thing! this store is a mess!
  6. tzzzz... "MUUUUUUUM! Satan's mean to me again!!!"
  7. Here i am still waiting for my shipping notification. Ordered both the /100 and /300 from PN UK too.
  8. you're right i'll probably just dump them when they get here
  9. haha, ok. i've already ordered my variants (both EU and another color) from one of the shop where it was taken down. I'll lean back and enjoy i guess
  10. thx for that but i'd rather not have it than own a silver variant when there are so many pretty ones out there