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  1. Are all of these expected to appear in the German webstore?
  2. Holy shit! You're in for a ride!!! If your interested there's a great podcast where they disect every song called propagandhipod! Have fun dude!
  3. Next up https://fatwreck.com/products/swingin-utters-juvenile-product-of-the-working-class-color-vinyl-bundle
  4. Isn't this the b-side track on the decline live vinyl version?
  5. Dollar Signs on PN?!?! I smell something great coming!
  6. well i haven't even gotten my shipping notification yet. but i just dug out my order confirmation email (from fucking may) and view my order it seems to be the indie variant as well...
  7. most definitely not colored tho. its gonna be KRM or nothing
  8. I just got my order from krm with both the bundle as well as the standalone. I got both variants, cannot say which one is which tho
  9. https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=18289&cid=1031 EU version The Distillers | Transparent Green w/Solid White&Black Vinyl Limited to 1000 copies
  10. Just recieved my order today and holy damn!! my hopes and expectations where pretty fucking high and they've been exceeded!!!
  11. New Get Dead is up for PO now! out Oct. 9th, 2020 KRM is up too Get Dead - Dancing with the Curse 600 on color Track Listing 1. Disruption 2. Nickel Plated 3. Fire Sale 4. Stickup 5. Glitch 6. Confrontation 7. Hard Times 8. 8 Track 9. Green's Girl 10. Pepperspray 11. Confidence Game 12. Take It
  12. can't wait...from what i've heard so far this will definitely be in my top 3! Looking forward to see them touring again when the world is a little less shitty than right now!
  13. i think the shipping date was expected to be around september

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