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  1. Just use PayPal and you'll definitely get your money back even if they don't react to your messages...thats what happened to me.
  2. Same here... Luckily my other order is BR - Age of unreason and that isn't out until may.
  3. So i got a mail from Kingsroad Merch saying the release has been delayed...not sure if that counts for Fat too.
  4. Pressing Info for TBR - Stay Rad: 783 on white vinyl (WEB STORE VERSION - NO LONGER AVAILABLE) 196 on clear vinyl with blue and grey splatter (BAND TOUR VERSION) 149 on half white/half baby blue with grey splatter (EURO RECORD STORE VERSION) 98 on transparent baby blue w/ smoke (US RECORD STORE VERSION)
  5. i hope so! snagged another copy just in case...they did something similar with the ribbed release...
  6. yeah it is! they posted another variant today since the other one sold out so fast. looks really similar tho
  7. no i've been waiting for my mustard plug and 88 fingers preorders for a while before i tried to contact their customer service with no success...after another 4 weeks of trying i filed a PayPal dispute...still waiting for a response
  8. They said it'll be back up within the next 4 hours. Where?!
  9. Awesome collection! Messaged!!
  10. /200 Euro - White & Blood Red Pin Wheel