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  1. Stay tuned for new Western Addiction preorder on tuesday!
  2. some already have it. if you ordered the 7" demos with it you have to wait until april 10
  3. Last time i've ordered it got through customs without problems. they even put something like $10 on the declaration even though it was way more than that obviously
  4. represses usually don't, but theres always hope since this is an anniversary pressing. Edit: Now that i think of it, Against me - Reinventing... was on KRM, then again...this hasn't been on fat before
  5. will this be available from impericon too?
  6. https://fatwreck.com/products/wasted-mind?_pos=30&_sid=88e26f383&_ss=r Direct Hit! - Wasted Mind 275 on Double mint color vinyl. 2020 pressing
  7. Fat is sold out! KRM and Artistfirst just updated their stores. Color seems to be blue/white split
  8. man you're right! so many good releases this year...western addiction and suicide machines too!!!
  9. The Bombpops - Death In Venice Beach up for preorder on fat! 500 on color vinyl. 100 Record Store Color. 100 Euro Store Color.
  10. https://dsfamily.de/home/91-273-architects-the-here-and-now-lp.html#/49-vinyl-sandstone_black Pressing Info: 100 x Sandstone/Black Smoke, 100 x Grey/Black Smoke, 100 x White, 200 x Green/Black Smoke
  11. This seems to be the EU/UK store with an exclusive variant. https://caspian.tmstor.es/index.php?page=products&section=all