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  1. oh god i really hope this doesn't become the new thing! this store is a mess!
  2. tzzzz... "MUUUUUUUM! Satan's mean to me again!!!"
  3. Here i am still waiting for my shipping notification. Ordered both the /100 and /300 from PN UK too.
  4. you're right i'll probably just dump them when they get here
  5. haha, ok. i've already ordered my variants (both EU and another color) from one of the shop where it was taken down. I'll lean back and enjoy i guess
  6. thx for that but i'd rather not have it than own a silver variant when there are so many pretty ones out there
  7. man why am i always missing out on this record
  8. easy...just put them in the EU bundle on krm...i got nervous and ordered both bundle and standalone
  9. i didn't make it last year but i'm pretty sure they hat the cokie and joey cape. people go nuts at their tent...so you gotta be fast
  10. yea exactly. usually the EU store variant is sold on festivals like brakrock, punkrock holiday and punk in drublic (as of last year) but i highly doubt that any of these will happen this year since germany just announced that any "bigger" events until august 31 have to be cancelled.
  11. i wonder how they plan on giving out the euro store versions this year since most of the festivals probably wont happen because of that stupid beer
  12. That's an easy one for me: Chief - Provocation of a Nation & Apply Within give them a listen too...kinda hard to find on spotify, if you dig the song i can help you out tho
  13. how do i get my hands on that indie variant? this looks sick!
  14. oh i am loving the looks of these. glad i ordered both the twist and the splatter!
  15. the dude hosting this from his couch was cringey as hell
  16. oh hell yea, i'd love to have matters and together again in my collection
  17. this is very true. even to germany i always have to think twice ordering records from laagonia. but this was a no brainer for me! also i just noticed that the color variant has sold out by now
  18. haha, great. i wonder when they'll ship out. haven't gotten any notifications yet