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  1. This seems to be the EU/UK store with an exclusive variant. https://caspian.tmstor.es/index.php?page=products&section=all
  2. sooo. is nobody gonna talk about the color choice on the f2f live in a dive?!
  3. it's still up for grabs at https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/ and....nevermind...artistfirst sold out too!
  4. i had the same problem. i ended up only getting the new one cause i didn't wanna miss it. let me know how they handled your situation. maybe i can add mine to the order too.
  5. missed it all, damn i would have loved that bundle. lets see what KRM brings to the table...
  6. Almost as good as being alive in 2006
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByS40KKDq8g/?igshid=n7bd5bzajqx6
  8. only US preorder so far...any news about EU/sargent house?!
  9. damn...missed out on this...hope there will be a tour press left for me on the eu shows in December.
  10. To answer that question... From FatWreck's Insta If you’re confused about who the heck Tommy & June are, join the club. Fatty is the one who discovered them, so it’s best to let him fill you in (read below). What we can tell you, is their debut self-titled full-length will come out on June 21st! Today, you can get your first taste of this dynamic duo by heading to our YouTube channel and listening to “Lonely Train.” Pre-orders are live, and you can grab your copy here! Without further ado…one of history’s finest raconteurs, Fat Mike: I never really put a band together before. It seems like a weird thing to do, but some things need to happen. I meet a lot of people on tour. Tommy I met in Israel about 12 years ago. Great singer/songwriter playing in a punk band. He was cool, and I started listening to his solo stuff. It was great, but no one ever came to see him play in the US. I felt bad. One day in SF Tommy asked me what he should do. He said no one comes to see his punk band or his solo shows. I said that's how it goes. You've been doing this for over ten years and if you're not drawing a crowd now, you never will. He was bummed. I was bummed. He's a great songwriter, but who cares? Two days later I remembered I met an Iranian Colombian dude on tour that was a great singer songwriter too. I hadn't spoken to him in years....I had a weird idea. I emailed both of them and told them to start a band together. I know you live in two different parts of the world....but I think you would make a great two-piece band. Let me produce the record and we'll see how it goes. You don't have to tour. Just spend a week in the studio with me. I said record short acoustic weird songs with a new wave edge. They did. We did ten songs that came in at 20 minutes. I fucking loved it. Totally simple and clean and short and catchy and I had never heard a band sound like this before.... AND like Stiff Little Fingers (Protestants and Catholics), no one expects a Jew and a Colombian Arab to be making music together. Like SLF, it's fucking good. I introduce to the world Tommy and June.... two kinda boring guys that make really fucking great music together.
  11. Rise Against - The Unraveling is finally up on KRM Europe!
  12. even better... well for you at least...just found out that Morning Wood Records from Netherlands are doing EU distribution and Pee Records for Australia
  13. Ten Foot Pole - Escalating Quickly Out on May 10 via Thousand Island Records (US) / DisconnectDisconnectRecords (UK) / Morning Wood Records (EU) / PeeRecords (AUS) PO coming soon!!!
  14. Could not agree more with the wise words of mister saitan!
  15. new BRACKET up for preorder at Fat! Color Press will be Red w/ white Release Date: May 31, 2019 Bracket - Too Old To Die Young LP Track Listing 1. Cloud Ate 2. Forget 3. Canned from the Food Drive 4. Exit Interview 5. A Perfect Misfit 6. Under the Moon 7. Arting Starvist 8. Going out of Style in Style 9. Warren's Song Pt. 29 10. Antisocial Inactivism 11. A Hot Comedy
  16. hope so too bud...i've messaged them already last night but did not get a response yet...so let's hope for the best!