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  1. I got mine from the Vagrant online store a few weeks ago. They are also shipping on amazon.ca
  2. Short music would be a great one to own. Is there ever going to be another pressing of Fat Music For Fat People or was the last pressing announced as the last pressing of that record?
  3. Here's another version, it looks awesome, I already bought the green and bone though. This one says hand numbered gatefold sleeve is included, didn't notice that on the vagrant site. https://www.banquetrecords.com/the-get-up-kids/live-%40-the-granada-theater/HOFFVR25LP12A
  4. Live album is up for preorder. So far 500 green up on the Vagrant site. https://vagrant.com/products/the-get-up-kids-live-at-grenada-theatre-webstore-exclusive-lp-pre-order
  5. With all the vinyl plants being backed up I've made all sorts of preorders that will take until next year to all get to me. Not sure if I should start keeping a list or just have the records show up as a surprise.
  6. I did the notify when back in stock for the splatter version and yesterday I got the notice that it was back in stock, snapped it up immediately and after buying I noticed it was marked as sold out again. Click the notify me button, who knows maybe more will pop up.
  7. I just saw this now, I can't believe I missed the announcement. It's still up on the EU kingsroadmerch site. This give me hope that Fuel may get a repress it's my favourite raised fist record!
  8. There's no way they sold a million. These guys joke around all the time, just check out their Twitter account.
  9. Skycamefalling 10.21 definitely needs to be pressed, it was right up there with the opposite of December for my favorite hardcore records from that era.
  10. I have a formlessness tape and I am wondering what pressing it is. It's got the sky and clouds blue cover and the tape has blue and white splatter and formlessness is written in white paint. The other side is black and the tape is marked 28.
  11. I just put mine on tonight and thought it sounded shitty, very quiet and no punch to it. I came on here to see if anyone else felt the same way. Glad it's not my record player too bad its the overpriced record lol.
  12. I think everybody would be happy if the band would just repress life in general and slowly going. Nobody would be splitting up their precious box sets then.
  13. $560 canadian after shipping and exchange rate, that's insane. I just want slowly going and life in general, anybody wanna sell those 2? I'm interested in what the flipped price will be on discogs.