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  1. You may have to go old school and call around. I don't know that they'll have it but try Finders Records. I've seen people reference them a lot for other things and they were able to hook me up with a copy of the Ramones Live album. You have to provide a card over the phone and flat rate shipping is ~$10. But with them not having things listed online, your odds might be a little better.
  2. @CanadaPostRock The exchange rate a lone feels like a lot. I’ll keep looking out for someone in the US selling it. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  3. I know I’m kicking a dead horse with this but the statuses seem to change so much so I have to ask: does anyone know of a place to get a regularly priced copy of the Crow or know of a place that’s going to be getting some? I finally got around to hitting up my local record shop (after RSD that posted some seriously inconsistent hours during the week) and the guy working today just gave me an “I don’t know” with not much feeling when asked if they’d be getting any.
  4. @Fowty Dollaz Agreed. Found it on Spotify. Snagged a color copy. With my “color Fat records” collection going up drastically since following this forum, why not add another.
  5. @shenanigans Any idea who that group is? The name’s new to me.
  6. I came across Millpond the other day that says they have three for 29.99 (CAD) - http://www.millpondrb.ca/?s=mastodon&post_type=tcp_product
  7. I managed to snag a copy of Weezer’s Dusty Gems release (at a non-gouging price) from them on Discogs yesterday. Already shipped out.
  8. Has anyone seen any shops selling (or if you've got one you want to sell) a copy of the Ramones live album? I just called Dr. Strange and they basically said they sold out and they're still processing orders. So my guess is I might end up not getting one.
  9. On the subject of participating RSD stores selling records at inflated prices, is there an MSRP anywhere to evaluate whether something is way overpriced or not?
  10. The prices I'm seeing for just the black version of the Seven Mary Three release feels about as ridiculous as the quantity the label put out. If anybody out there has one they don't mind selling at a reasonable price, please message me.
  11. Bummed I couldn’t snag the Weezer “Dusty Gems & Raw Nuggets” and Seven Mary Three (yellow would be great but black is fine) releases on Bull Moose. Any leads out there?