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  1. I was also looking at Marantz PM5005 and a few other similar types. But maybe there is some good vintage equipment that would be better suited for my situation?
  2. I know the NAD doesn’t really fit that description, but it’s close.
  3. I’m trying to get this system as simple, minimal, and powerful as possible. Without blowing my budget. I only listen to vinyl records, so I don’t need any other inputs other than an analogue for phono. No need for video or cd etc... So, I figured I could just bypass the receiver and go strait to an amp with two, maybe 4 channels. Are there any good amps that fit this description, and is this all I need?
  4. I was thinking of an NAD. C 316BEE V2 for an amp. And was wondering if that was all I needed?
  5. No amp. It was an old pioneer receiver that had a phono jack, so it had a built in preamp.
  6. I’ve got a pioneer PL-560 with no pre-amp. And some pioneer cs-m755 speakers that run at 30-20000hz, 8 ohms, and max 150w. My receiver just went bad, and I was wondering if I could make a setup without a receiver? Do I need an equalizer with the amp? Do I need a preamp before the amp? What’s my optimal setup? thanks