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  1. This is a classic. Just grabbed one. Still have a cd copy of division of labor.
  2. It did. those lasted about 10 minutes before selling out. I was able to grab one in my size. I was most stoked to cop the poster. hope they mail it rolled.
  3. the flippers have computer programs (bots) that have multiple payments/address preloaded in to buy up all the stock to beat limits. https://mostadvancedbot.com/products/bigcartel-bot it's what they've been doing to get rare sneakers for years. this sold out so fast. it's bots. most of the people buying these are not fans of the band. hypergiant just hit it...that ebay seller probably flips shoes too.
  4. it's bots/flippers buying all the stock immediately. bigcartel sights are notorious for being botted.
  5. hesitated on the /500 on closed casket to see if i could get the /300 anywhere and gone so had to settle for /800. Listened to it on bandcamp and it is dope. happy to support the scene in my hometown. artwork is also dope. would love a print of it.
  6. that Entry reminds me of From Ashes Rise/Tragedy. Pretty bad ass. Really been some serious bands with female vocalists coming out lately.
  7. thanks! grabbed one of those. already have a mint copy of the original pressing but happy to grab this as i didn't even realize it came out until it was long gone.
  8. Going to Australia. Last hit was this: (any advice?) (sent with usps) May 31, 2020, 2:34 pm Processed Through Regional Facility LOS ANGELES CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER Your item was processed through our LOS ANGELES CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER facility on May 31, 2020 at 2:34 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
  9. when? I hope they didn't cancel mine because I ordered 2.
  10. anybody get shipping confirmation yet? I think they said they were shipping this week.
  11. Wish Bird of Ill Omen would put that on vinyl. Would buy.
  12. bamsoivin @felixgerb.er I just copped so I guess so? 1dReply fdeath.shop @felixgerb.er no we didnt- we refunded some scalpers and put their copies back into inventory- @bamsoivin just got lucky 1d3 likesReply per the FD insta, if they think you're a flipper, they cancel your order and reload the inventory so might be worth checking on the page.
  13. the LP is showing available again right now to add to cart.
  14. i was able to grab one. thanks for posting. dulls the sting of selling my copy of MTU. couldn't resist the cash.
  15. Second Arrows put a song out. https://lambgoat.com/news/33118/Second-Arrows-premiere-first-single-from-debut-album It's not bad but any time I hear 'ex deadguy' members I'm hoping for Fixation on a Co-Worker part 2. It never comes.
  16. the fuming mouth record is dope. excalibur is dope. whole heartedly agree about the mindforce ep seeming like a money grab. the lame cover art, the title, all just rubbed me the wrong way. Wish Mindforce didn't do it. Triple B is going for a streetwear/hypebeast vibe with carhart sweatshirts and hip bags.
  17. weird seeing the revhq site look like that. Looks like another repress of the Orange 9mm and some new merch. Too bad the shirt is god awful and looks like a bad attempt at photoshop or something. https://www.revhq.com/collections/pre-order/products/orange-9mm-dojo-long-sleeve seriously what is that? should've just done a retro logo longsleeve.
  18. I stopped collecting Shadow when his music mostly started sucking and he made his webpage with the massive shop grabbing money. Last big thing I bought from him was that 4 track era box. It could just be because Entroducing and Private Press are so good everything else pales in comparison however. Did not like this new track. Prize my original 2lp of private prison even though it's not rare. I didn't even know they did a repress.
  19. new interview of Chaka: he talks about the MOV press and although he didn't know about it, he says it is 'legal'. He also mentions having some newly pressed 09 shirts. It comes towards the end.
  20. Anybody still looking for Ghost World, be quick: https://www.dimple.com/p/28458139/ghost-world-soundtrack-2-lp-rsd-2019-ltd-to-3300 and gone. hopefully someone got one.
  21. Cover art is god awful and Bill is very hit or miss since Hour of Reprisal but it he's got a new LP: https://www.fatbeats.com/collections/featured-pre-orders/products/ill-bill-stu-bangas-cannibal-hulk-hulkberry-swirl-lp-fat-beats-exclusive
  22. That would be incredible but I recall seeing some interview not that long ago when Burn was doing the reunion and Chaka was kind of talking down about 09mm saying it had no direction/ was too corporate and that Burn was superior. This driver repress might be signaling something though. I think some demand would be there if they toured and put out some merch. I've been a fan since I saw them on the second stage at the first warped at Concord Paviliion in 1995. I still listen to Driver nearly 25 years later. I was bummed to see Chaka talk negatively about it. 'I think that playing a Burn show versus an Orange 9mm show, I would prefer the Burn show because Burn is, the word that comes to mind, is real. I'm not saying Orange 9mm wasn't real, but I think with Orange 9mm we did an EP in 1994 that was real and then we got a record deal. The EP sounds nothing like the album. I think the EP was more in that progression from hardcore and the album was trying to be something that wasn't really what we were. We had problems keeping that ship afloat. [Guitarist] Chris [Traynor] left the band to join Helmet. It was musical chairs with members and stuff like that, it is what it is.' http://www.noecho.net/interviews/chaka-malik-burn-orange-9mm