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  1. I'm tempted to pay $250 for Not Through Blood. Someone will do it.
  2. Anybody get their Pain of Truth LP yet? If the rest of the album is as good as the three singles this will be hardcore album of the year. Can't wait until Friday.
  3. In for this! Still have the 2 CD. A beautiful piece of music.
  4. Got a glow in the dark. Wish I got the splatter too, it's probably the best looking variant. The single is great. If the whole album sounds like the single, not sure how this record doesn't finally blow the band up like you'd expect. It's got obvious commercial appeal but it's still definitely hardcore so it won't alienate the original fanbase.
  5. tuffkongrecords @cagewm & @enpsychlopedia_brown are LEAK BROS “WATERWORLD” 🧪 Pre-orders online FRIDAY MAY 20th at 11AM EST / 5PM CET at TUFFKONGRECORDS.COM • Limited edition of 300 numbered copies: 50 black vinyl w/ OBI, 100 on purple / black vinyl, 150 on ultraclear vinyl. Standard black vinyl will also be available. We’re very excited to bring this legendary classic back on vinyl courtesy of @eastern_conference_records @djmightymi / Records expected to ship mid October 2022 #tuffkongrecords #cage #tame1 #leakbros #waterworld #easternconference Really love this record but probably won't bother with this because Tuff Kong is not reliable and alleged ship date is October. Hoping that Get on Down will eventually get some copies.
  6. Negative for Tuff Kong. Gave them a chance, never again. They do the old 'shipping label created' trick when you ask where your records are.
  7. Movies For The Blind (2LP) – Tuff Kong Records Been up for a bit now. looks like the copies they presold were in a gatefold jacket with a poster and this one is in a standard jacket without the poster. went ahead and ordered one. sounds like people have been receiving their preorders.
  8. just grabbed two. love this record. was lucky to see them once on the tour with Milhouse and Indecision at the Cocodrie in SF in 1998. Was a matinee and E-Town Concrete played that night.
  9. Holy shit! been trying to get a vinyl copy of Life of a Spectator for years! Have multiple copies of obscenity in the milk and would absolutely buy represses of Milhouse, Motive, Sons of Abraham, Indecision! Exit/Wreckage was classic.
  10. anyone buy a preorder from cunninlynguists 12 months ago? I like to think they didn't just take a bunch of money from people and never give them anything but it is starting to look that way.
  11. I guess this dropped in some very limited colors on Tuff Kong. All sold out. Does anybody know if Cage is involved with this? He's got a website with a store and some shirts but no vinyl. Sounds like more might drop on Get on Down. This is a classic album, did anybody grab one from Tuff Kong? I'm bummed I missed it. I've been trying to find a mint or sealed OG copy for years but prices are usually well north of $200+.
  12. I got one of each. Dumb question but what is Wax Mage? Only bought from SlyVinyl once before and it was 88 Ultra-Sirens years ago.
  13. Will be trying to get if I don't forget. Really cherish the vinyl copy of Late Night Cinema I have. Love BSBD.
  14. Unbroken "Life. Love. Regret." - Indecision Records Unbroken "Life. Love. Regret." TEST PRESSING - Indecision Records
  15. I grabbed one. Hope quality is decent. Love the Coup. Took about twenty minutes for it to sell out.
  16. Home | Armabillion Recordz Don't know if this is boot or official but Boots Riley mentions it on his instagram.
  17. got my shipping notification from revolver. I don't even know what it is but I paid extra for some kind of 'shipping protection'. see how my copy shows up.
  18. anybody get anything from revolver yet? I ordered mine with the poster for $100 and have not heard shit.
  19. Do we think new full length without anybody knowing in advance or is this ep or 7 inch?
  20. another one for FATBEATS. STAY AWAY from them. I've purchased from them over the years with little issue. Pre ordered the ILL BILL glow in the dark last year and saw them post pics of the vinyl in hand last month, never got my copy. They don't respond to emails at all. Tracking just has the old 'USPS is waiting for the item'. Was dumb enough to make another order for in stock items a month ago and same thing. No shipping, no response. Will have to go through CC now. AVOID.
  21. I grabbed a copy. I wish they didn't charge so much for shipping. I had just bought a hoodie a couple of days ago so between the two packages i paid $30 shipping in the US! Want to buy the band press of the new one from them because I missed the Glow in the Dark copy but I'll probably buy one of the million different colors elsewhere to save the ridiculous shipping from them. Seems like they are really milking the limited variant thing for the new record but good for them.
  22. it does look pretty shitty as most reprints/represses do. I don't believe the actual product says 'digitally remastered' on the front. Prices for mint/sealed OG copies are north of $200 and it is one of my favorites so for $38 I couldn't refuse.
  23. newbury has dogg pound for $38 shipped. was happy to grab one.

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