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  1. I really would like to see All Your Sisters' first album get a repress, though I don't think it was on F.
  2. Anyone knows a place to get Private Parts that isn’t Discogs?
  3. I guess I’ll have to pre-order at Amazon UK. The other place sold out.
  4. Do we know if this will get a standard release?
  5. I’m more anal about the actual record condition; surface noise aside, I just want a clean playing record.
  6. I just want Private Parts and The Crow at this point, but may jump on a few more.
  7. I would really like Cold’s 13 Ways and Year of on vinyl, but would prefer all their albums. I’m also wishing Tonic’s first two albums would get a pressing.
  8. I’d sad that his first self-titled album and RtW are not in this set. It’s odd.
  9. Sebasoh/Lou owed nothing to JNR. Also, need more wooden boxes.
  10. Has anyone been able to find information of what Ropin' the Wind wasn't one of the albums in this set?
  11. I'll eventually pre-order this. I'm a little b0rk today.