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  1. Starting with the bite of lead single “Gimme,” the songs on III are more fiery than ever, with lyrics about desire and pain sung over driving bass. Banks nearly named the album Eros, after the Greek god of love -- which would have fallen in line with her other divinely inspired album titles -- but felt the word wasn’t strong enough to encompass the breadth of what she had written about. Her new album, she says, covers a richer chapter in her life, and the number three, with its definitive simplicity, more effectively conveys a beginning, middle and end. “I was going through a major growth spurt when I made this album,” she says, including moving on from a breakup. She now describes herself as a “wise woman” instead of a “naive girl.” Rather than giving in to bitter or jaded lyrics, she tapped into the early assurance heard on the Altar track “Fuck With Myself” and her 2017 one-off “Underdog.” On III’s closing track, she replaces her lost love with a new one: Her 4-year-old niece’s voice saying “I love you” fills the album’s last few seconds. Track listing: 1. Till Now 2. Gimme 3. Contaminated 4. Stroke 5. Godless 6. Sawzall 7. Look What You're Doing To Me (feat. Francis and the Lights) 8. Hawaiian Mazes 9. Alaska 10. Propaganda 11. The Fall 12. If We Were Made of Water 13. What About Love 2XLP Standard Black Vinyl 2XLP Exclusive Red Vinyl This is a pre order and your physical music is expected to ship around July 12th, 2019. Digital album will be delivered via email on album release date. Please Note: Digital files are only available in the United States
  2. I'm upset that Party for One won't be on vinyl, what the hell is that shit lol
  3. Great and that's you. No need to shove your beliefs of the hobby onto others let everyone enjoy how they want to
  4. I appreciate you thank you! I guess I won't ask again and I also think this is why vinyl enthusiasts get such a bad name because they are snobby and gatekeeping the hobby unfortunately. Again, appreciate this comment cheers!
  5. Love this answer thank you. I'm actually someone who just likes music of all kinds so getting any record really is nice to me. I just wanted to treat myself because I know UO (Idk anywhere else but if you want to let me know I'd like that) has a lot of limited runs of records so I would like to get my hands on them before they're gone since I have the money to now. It makes me happy because of BOTH the music and rarity as part of the hobby
  6. I'm not getting defensive I just don't know why you have to take time out of your day to be rude to someone. If you think it's dumb you can move on, that's it. If you have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all. I personally like UO that's just me
  7. I didn't know I was going to be crucified for asking a question. If you think it's dumb or unnecessary then please don't comment. It's really just a question you don't have to be rude about it.
  8. I just really like that they have so many color records and that's just my style tbh
  9. No it was also on her artist site as well. It wasn't a UO Exclusive and all the variations found online are black.
  10. Urban Outfitters just released their limited edition LP of Hillary Duff's Metamorphosis in teal colored vinyl. They're limited to 2000 pressings. Found here https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/hilary-duff-metamorphosis-limited-lp?category=vinyl-records-cassettes&color=046&type=REGULAR
  11. Christina's was "limited" too but it's still selling so I'm unsure of how limited it is. Anyone have any feedback?