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  1. That's good to know. I actually ended up looking at NAS last night after our conversation about Airport express. It seems like an interesting setup but being as I always would be streaming from either my computer or laptop I don't think it would benefit me right now. Like I said before I like the idea of using an ipad as a controller to stream music from either my laptop or phone but from what I read so far it sounds like something I'd be able to do without the addition of a nas server. One thing that I'm curious about is what are the added benefits of dedicated streaming systems like the Bluesound Node2i you mentioned vs a much cheaper alternative like the google chromecast audio? Do the higher quality units have better streaming quality options and more stable wifi connections or does it go deeper than that?
  2. Hi Sidney! I'm a Mac man all the way. I do all my streaming/music listening from either my MacBook Pro that's used in desktop mode with a usb-c monitor,Ipod touch and a 512 gig iPhone. All my downloaded music is constantly rotated between these three devices with a backup 1tb external ssd holding the bulk of my library. I'll look into an airport express for airplay, thank you. I've never really experimented with airplay at all really since my only wireless listening device right now is the JBL 2+ that just supports bluetooth functions. I'd like to get an IPAD down the road to use as a multimedia controller but I'm ways away from implementing that and my current budget is better served on some actual equipment I can stream/play records with. One thing I'd like to mention about the KEF LSX speakers is that they are airplay 2 ready out of the box which would one less thing to worry about initially. How I'd implement the KFX LSX speakers if I wanted to add active or passive bookshelf style speakers down the would be anyones guess. I imagine I'd be need an airport express or something similar connected to an amplifier with some sort of airplay compataible streaming module being the go between for the whole rig. However with apple discontinuing support for iTunes who knows if the airport express devices are soon to follow? Is using a streaming device strictly with audio files on a computer/phone/tablet more of a problem than say someone who uses Apple Music or Spotify? That would be a big dissapointment as any of the streaming services that I've encountered aren't within my area of interest in the slightest. Both in terms of library and format. Thanks for the help as I'm very green to all of this.
  3. Hello Everyone. Being a longtime record collector I've reached the point in my life that I'd like to get an actual turntable setup going. Something compact for the time being but down the road i'd like to have something multi-room. Nothing multifloor or anything extravagant like that but just maybe some speakers in my office,kitchen and living room. Basically the entire downstairs as it's all an open layout anyways. In addition to a vinyl setup i'd like to also incorporate digital streaming into this system as well being that's my main source of music listening these days. I'd want everything to stream from itunes(not apple music) as I have a vast library of music I ripped from CD's as well as a lot of music I've downloaded along the ways. Spotify pro or anything of that nature doesn't interest me as there music selection is very limited in my humble opinion. That, and I'm happy with the iTunes interface and have everything over the years organized the way I want it. Any suggestions on gear to look into would be greatly appreciated. As far as Turntables go I think i'm going to go with either a Rega6 or the new technics 1500c. I want to kind of start small basic office setup and overtime branch out into the living room and kitchen(downstairs is only 3 rooms) Basically first pieces of equipment I want to get is the turntable,amplifier,and speakers that I can use for the turntable and stream iTunes from my computer/iphone. I'm guessing I'm going to need some sort of streaming device to get the full benefit of decent streaming quality over my wifi network. The speakers i've been looking at are a pair of midsize audioengines,kef, or klipsch. I've also been toying with the idea of getting the kef LSX speakers as they'd have all the streaming capabilities i'd need built in and from what i've read they are good at improving the audio of bad quality source material which I have a lot of! Any advice or input is extremly welcome. Please help me!
  4. Also Multiverse do you mind if I ask you what Turntable you currently own and if you're happy with it? Initially I wanted the Project Debut Carbon Espirit but now I'm toying with the idea of possibly getting a Rega. Any input is welcome! I've been collecting records for years but this will be my first Turn Table.
  5. Yea I've been very happy with my A2's as computer speakers. Plus if I ever wanted to upgrade them for my record setup I'd just do what your currenly doing and use them with my computer again. I've heard great things about the A5 speakers as well. How are you liking them?
  6. Hello Tardcore! Yes that's good to know. Like I said this is my first day at the races so I really had no idea what is included or what I need to purchase individually. Yea I know the speakers aren't the BEST for a decent setup but they've served me well for 0music and mp3 nonsense on the computer. I know the bar is set a lot higher when it comes to turntable set ups tho. My turntable setup wont be that close to the computer so I have my trusty 15 dollar Logitechs to fill the void for the time being. Down the road when I upgrade the speakers I can bring the 2+s back to the computer. Another question! How would you say to replacing the project box dc with the Rega Fono Mini? Aesthetics don't mean anything to me at all and I've been reading it's a great preamp. However space saving is very important to me and if it's actually smaller and a better pre amp then the choice is easy!
  7. Hi gang! After years of collecting Vinyl i've finally decided to pull the trigger on a nice little record set up. Last year for Christmas I bought myself the Audio Engine 2+ bookshelf speakers and have been using them with my computer. I've been very impressed with the sound and think they will be decent enough speakers to use with my new setup. Especially since space saving is an issue to me. Nice compact little speakers. After doing some research I've decided on the Project Debut Carbon Espirit and the Project Phono Box DC Pre amp. Didn't do much research on the preamp though. Just went by reviews and it's made by the same company so I'm assuming it should pair nicely. Seems like a good little preamp. I imagine I'll need some sort of grounding cable as well? Anything else I'm missing? I already have a nice little record shelf so the above set up should fit nicely on top of that. Thanks all!