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  1. So... Thanks all for your advice! Especially those on topic. Condoleances appreciated mainly because it says good things about those of you who left them and the forum. Re the ribbing, I'm on enough forums to recognize the jargong among the initiated. Same goes for discussions sliding into meta territory about the forum, what it was, is and should or shouldn't become... In the end, I'll try for the advice from NapalmBrain and SomethingVinyl, post my current list to ebay and see if anyone bites. Current list as following, in case anyone's interested. May update it with additional items. Cheers everyone, and thanks again! I just may stick around this forum
  2. Prolly even more so in Sweden - a very small market. I've been offered the equivalent of 12 cents per disc.
  3. What, you don't help noobs on this forum?
  4. Hello everyone! My dad passed away and left behind some vinyl records, approximately 400, mainly classical recordings from ca 1950 and onward. As I, no matter how horriffic that may sound to most of you, have personally ditched vinyl and now live with my own family in not unlimited space, I need to get rid of them. Question is how and where. There exists an incomplete inventory of about half of them whcih my father started in excel - whether his structuring of the information was well advised is beyond me). I guess my question is how should they be described to evaluate possible monetary value? What markets do I advertise on (they are currently in Sweden)? Do all records need to be inventoried and if so, with which data? Or is a representative subset for extrapolation sufficient ? Does the code MMS 138 mean anything to anyone and if so, is the metadata on album name, piece, composer, conductor and so on important? Do they need to be photographed, and if so, just cover or record? How does one evaluate and describe condition? Any and all information or pointer to where I should direct my lazy self for further study would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Pontus